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How To Add Style To Small Kitchens

Any small room in your house can cause a bit of a headache; but none more so it seems then the kitchen. After all the kitchen is often the heart of your home, a social meeting place as well as food preparation area. The kitchen should have plenty of space... Read more

Create Your Perfect Sanctuary

With our schedules and daily life becoming increasingly busy, its more important than ever to have a space to retire to at the end of a long day, conducive to a good night’s sleep. Take an objective view on your bedroom to ensure you tick all the boxes for creating... Read more

Top Free Attractions for the Bank Holiday Weekend!

Anyone with kids will know the horror that can only come from an elongated weekend. Of course, we don’t mind spending time with our families; in fact we really look forward to it. But the panic starts to set in of what can we do during these days off and... Read more

From Old to New - Furniture Transformations

It seems that in modern years people have become more aware of their spending habits; one area in particular that has been affected by this is interior design. That new cabinet or perhaps room makeover may seem frivolous and people are looking for inventive ways to make the most of... Read more

Blog of the week - Design Hunter

At Hammonds we pride ourselves on looking at some of the very best interior design blogs across the world wide web; and as much as we are hunters of the best written blogs, this weeks chosen one is a hunter of great style! Design Hunter is a UK design and... Read more

A Brand New Glasgow!

Not only have we completely updated our concession within Forest Furnishings with all of our flagship ranges and additional products, we’ve even got a store mascot! That’s right; the Glasgow store now holds all of our flagship ranges. Whether you’re looking to update an old bedroom, maximise storage in a... Read more

How to Add Style To Small Bedrooms

Space seems to be an issue for most people in everyday homes; and creating a beautiful, functional bedroom when space is limited seems to be one of the hardest things to master. At Hammonds we have put together a list of ways that you can make a difference to your... Read more

Blog Of The Week- Apartment Therapy

It’s that time of the week again; time for Hammonds to look at our favourite interior design blogs from around the world. This week we have Apartment Therapy , a US based blog that has all the style and of course substance that you would expect from an interior design... Read more

The Home Accessory Wish List

The time has come for us to start coveting after some of the most hot and on trend home accessories set to feature throughout 2015. Whilst we have known about these trendsetters for a while we haven’t allowed ourselves to think about having them in our own home. That is... Read more

Who wears the trousers? Or more importantly, who hoards them...

Women may hold the reputation for taking all the wardrobe space with unwanted or unworn clothes, but in a recent survey conducted by us it transpired that men can be just as bad. The survey questioned 1000 women and 1000 men, and some of the results may come as a... Read more