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Ghoulish Décor Ideas for Halloween Parties

It seems that over recent years Halloween has grown in popularity throughout the UK; almost becoming as big a celebration on our shores as it is across the sea with our American friends. Read more

Are you a bedroom hoarder? Signs that you might be suffering with the need for clutter

When it comes to bedroom hoarders, the main thing that seems to be collected is clothes. Whilst we all have the habit of holding onto that beautiful pair of jeans just in case one day we might fit into them, if you are doing this frequently then perhaps you have an issue. Read more

Warming up rooms for Autumn

Have you noticed the leaves are changing to the most glorious russet reds, golden yellows and burnt orange tones. You’re pulling out your thick woolly jumpers, bringing out your cuddly throws, putting on the central heating or bringing in the firewood. All signals that nature is steering us into autumn. Read more

We love the Vigo Range

We are incredibly proud of this versatile and individualistic range of fitted furniture that spans across several key areas of your home. But why? It’s simply because it allows you to be, well you and put in place a look that is completely your own. Read more

Blog of the Week - My Unique Home

This week’s blog of the week; My Unique Home is a blog designed to help those types of people. It is a place to find the right skills and gain the confidence to be able to put your passion in interior design for your home directly into getting the results that you are looking to achieve. Read more

London Design Week and Key Trends

“Hello! Let me introduce myself… My name is Sarah Slimm and I have been an interior stylist for Hammonds Furniture for the last six years. I love 80’s movies, pinterest (obsessed), garlic bread and of course I am absolutely passionate about interiors! Over the years I have built a portfolio of interiors and would probably bore the socks off you talking about wallpaper and paint colours! But hey I love my job! Read more

Blog of the Week - A Passion for Homes

We love blogs that have some truly helpful pointers for those aspects of interior design and home organisation that you might not otherwise think of. We believe that A Passion for Homes sits in a beautiful position between these two types of blogs. Read more

Our Favourite Winter Recipe

You cannot have helped but notice that the weather outside seems to be taking somewhat of a turn for the worse. Those long, dark nights are drawing in with the cold air rushing at your face as you make your way home after a long, grey day. Our latest blog post showcases some of our favourite winter recopies for you to try. Read more

The Great British Bedroom Survey – Karen Haller’s Response

Karen Haller is one of the UK’s leading applied colour psychology and colour strategy experts for business branding, interiors and marketing. Karen’s currently teamed up with Hammonds Furniture as our interiors colour expert and here is what Karen had to say in response to our recent bedroom survey: Read more

We love the house beautiful colour of the week; duck egg blue

But what makes us love this neutral backdrop so much? Perhaps this is the very reason, being a neutral shade means that duck egg blue will compliment so many items of furniture and of course furnishings themselves that it is a great base point for your home. Delicate and subtle are two words that we would definitely use to describe duck egg blue. Read more