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Biggest Trends for Interior Design during Autumn and Winter 2014

Despite being in the midst of summer at the moment; the fashion world has turned its attention to the fast approaching Autumn and Winter trends and what we are likely to see in boutiques and stores around the UK and perhaps even further. So what are the big news in... Read more

Hammonds Furniture say goodbye to colleague after 47 years of service

Staff at Hammonds Furniture gathered this week to bid a fond farewell to one of its longest serving members of staff. Darryl Lloyd, who worked for the company for 47 years, spent his whole career at Hammonds and started as an apprentice joiner and cabinet maker in August 1967. During... Read more

Blog of the Week - Interior Thinking

Interior Thinking is one of these warm, friendly blogs that not only gives you a warm fuzzy feeling but also some incredibly good tips too. Another huge plus point of the Interior Thinking posts is that they are not full of overly expensive accessories and gadgets but actual products that you can buy within budget and with ease. Read more

Finishing Touches for your Home Office

There are some really great accessories on the market that will easily bring some colour and style into your room. Such as retro styled office chairs and tables or perhaps even an interesting desk tidy that is not just functional but also a piece of art. Read more

Colour Trend Report- Red Bedrooms (Pomegranate Sliding Wardrobes)

One of the best ways to make sure that your new wardrobes are the centre of attention is to make them the feature part of the room. However this can take some detailed planning as the last thing that you want to do is throw your beautifully crafted red furniture into a room without thinking about how the rest of it will look first. Read more

Blog of the Week - Swoonworthy

The concept behind this week’s blog of the week is one that we find really interesting; the blogger of Swoonworthy has made the discovery that the way she dresses herself and decorates her home are not really that different and therefore she brings to us her own creation; a mixture of fashion and interior design that easily appeals to a wide range of people. Read more

Trend report- coloured kitchens

Keeping on top of the latest trends throughout your home is something that Hammonds is dedicated to. We see a lot of top tips for creating that perfect bedroom, ideal living room or modern bathroom but the kitchen doesn’t seem to have much in the way of design. Of course... Read more

Storage solutions for small bedrooms

Designed as a space for sleep, you may take up the majority of room in your boudoir with that large and luxurious bed, but that may not leave you with much else to play with when it comes to tidying things away. Read more

Blog of the Week - Patchwork Harmony

There is something beautifully feminine and charming about this weeks blog of the week; Patchwork Harmony. Perhaps it is the light and fresh colour scheme of the website, or purely the ideas that are contained themselves but we felt a surge of girlish excitement when we first visited the site. Read more

How to create a boutique hotel bedroom – get the look

We all love the feeling of waking up in a luxury hotel room and looking around at the plush furnishings that surround you. But what if you could achieve this much desired look in your own bedroom? At Hammonds we have some amazing news for you! You can! Read more