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Blog Of The Week - Fabric Of My Life

This week’s blog of the week isn’t necessarily seen as blog in its usual form. In fact the blogger, Kate, describes The Fabric of my life as being an “online scrapbook of inspiration” and after visiting the site we have to agree. The fabric of my life is just that,... Read more

6 DIYs To Try This Weekend

We don’t know about you, but for the team at Hammonds it seems that a weekend with no plans is a magical thing! We seem to spend our time from Friday evening to Sunday night rushing around visiting family and picking up on those chores that have eluded us during... Read more

Trend Report: Adding Colour To Your Kitchen

One thing that seems to have got bigger over recent years are coloured kitchens. We don’t necessarily mean kitchens that are painted bright and vibrant colours, more so, different ways to add a splash of colour and vibrancy to your kitchen. So here we have our round up of some... Read more

My Attendance At The Ideal Home Show

The Ideal Home Show has always been a place for inspiration, exploring new technologies and latest trends to create the perfect home and interior. I was delighted to be there this year to help launch the brand new ‘Harpsden’ range for Hammonds, spending the day having fun on the Hammonds... Read more

Steal their style: Statement walls

When it comes to redecorating your home you can find that the costs can start to mount up, especially when you want to purchase high quality paint for each of the walls. One way that you can make a big change in your home without the need for a big... Read more

How to make the most of small spaces

It seems that whilst there are a whole host of benefits to living in a modern home; whether that be a house or an apartment, there is one thing that can cause a bit of headache. The lack of space. No room for storage, no room for expression, no room... Read more

Blog of the week- I heart shabby chic!

The first thing that we noticed when we logged in to view this week’s blog of the week is that the overall look and feel of the site is one of fun as well as elegance. Something which we think perfectly reflects the world that is Shabby Chic; an interior... Read more

Our Favourite Interior Design Bloggers

Over the past few months we have featured a number of different interior design, home improvement and DIY project bloggers who share their ideas and perhaps even projects in their own home with the virtual world. With so many great blogs featured on our site we thought we should take... Read more

Our Top Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Wardrobe

There comes a time when you need to admit defeat; with your wardrobe this may be when your clothes, bags and accessories have decided to come spilling out into the rest of the room. Or perhaps you realise that no matter how hard you push you are just not going... Read more

Blog of the Week- Nostalgiecat

This weeks blog of the week is something a little bit different; created by June, Nostalgiecat is more than just a place packed full of ideas, inspirations and tips within the world of interior design. It is a journey too. The blog itself was created by June in 2013. At... Read more