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How Messy are your Children?

It is the age old question that haunts many parents of children all over the world. How can you make sure that your offspring understands the importance of keeping their room clean and tidy? As parents we all take different approaches to win this war. Whether you opt for a... Read more

Blog of the week: Pippa Jameson Interiors

We have chosen Pippa Jameson Interiors as our blog of the week because it highlights how colour especially in the collection of Paint by Conran can look superior yet be functional for any place in the home. We particularly like the picture of the blue accent wall with a blue... Read more

Design Trends for 2014

2014; the year sounds very futuristic but here we are as we are already past the first quarter of the year. We will be taking a look at popular trends that are currently happening in interior design. Admittedly many of these ideas are not fresh because like with many things fashions revolve and what was fashionable ten years ago will at some point come back in. Read more

Blog of the week: Mary Middleton Design

We have chosen Mary Middleton Design : Go to have it – vintage Scandinavian design as our blog of the week because it highlights that every home needs a vintage piece of Scandinavian furniture. This must have furniture is the “wow” needed. Balancing beauty with tradition, Scandinavian furniture oozes with... Read more

Desks made out of solid wood will trend in 2014

When you are looking to buy office furniture you will want something that offers durability, functionality and stands the test of time and hard work. Since first impressions are what count you want to ensure visual appeal. Read more

Blog of the Week - Oh Joy

We have chosen Oh Joy as our blog of the week because we instantly fell in love with the bright colours being released from the collection of these beautiful flowers. In fact we think that one of these bouquets would look perfect on a bedside table so you can enjoy the gentle aroma when you wake up in the morning. Read more

How your kitchen can add value to your house

It is regarded as the most important room in the house to potential buyers and having a fantastic kitchen can make a huge difference to whether you sell your home or not. Read more

Blog of the Week - Style, Space and Stuff

We have chosen Style Space and Stuff as our blog of the week because this blog shows you how the old and the new work extremely well and can complement each other. Read more

Hammonds at the Ideal Home Show 2014

So we are pretty much in the middle of our stay at the Ideal Home Show 2014 at Earls Court and thought it would be nice to show you some of the inspirational ideas we have seen at this year’s show. Read more

Fitted vs Freestanding Wardrobes

Do you want to create a bedroom that you are going to love for many years to come? Well now you can, as we have provided some really helpful tips to enable you to achieve this. Read more