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Blog of the Week- Design Hunter

You know that Hammonds never shy away from a good interior design blog, in fact we especially enjoy the hunt for them! This week’s blog of week is also no stranger to getting out there and stuck into the search for home design perfection. In fact as the name suggests... Read more

Embrace the tartan trend in time for Burns Night

Sunday is Burns Night. A traditional date in the calendar of Scots and those who have northern roots, it is a celebration of the works as well as the life of the famous Scottish poet Robert Burns. It is held on or as close to the poet's birthday and in... Read more

Vibrant Shades aren't just for Summer

As people we are inclined to think of Monday as a bit of a grey and dull month; with not much going for it. Perhaps this is why it is thought of as “the blue month”? After all the fun and colour of the month of December and the impending... Read more

Blog of the Week - Passion For Pattern

Although many of our blogs are written by those who simply have a creative mind and flair for home decorating, people who want to bring their ideas to others who may be searching for them; this week’s featured blog is created and populated by the editorial team at the popular... Read more

New Year, New You: Declutter your life

The dawn of the New Year heralds a multitude of people promising to make steps and changes in their lives for a variety of reasons. These may be huge leaps and bounds in their career path or just minor amendments that will have little impact on their day to day... Read more

The Top Bedroom Reads of 2015

At Hammonds we are not only big fans of showing you how to make your home look beautiful, but we also want to give you some top tips on how to enjoy the space too. Once you have your bedroom perfectly designed and decorated you can be sure to feel... Read more

Blog of the Week - Trend Daily

A new year signifies some new blogs of the week that the whole team at Hammonds can’t wait to bring you! The first up in our 52 wonderful online collection is Trend Daily. Trend Daily is created by Caroline Davis and right from the first moment that you click into... Read more

Happy Christmas and New Year Sale

So that is it; it is Christmas Eve and the time has run out to cram in that last minute shopping. Hopefully you have been successful with your presents, food and other necessities and you are all set for the big day. For those of you who have been extra... Read more

Blog of the Week - Ellie Tennant

Whilst many of our blog of the week features have been beautifully written by those who are enthusiasts in the area this weeks blog of the week is created and updated by a professional who has knowledge in the area as well as some fantastic journalistic experience. These two things... Read more

Alternative Christmas Desserts

Andrea is the fabulous blogger behind the popular food blog, The Petite Cook. We are delighted that Andrea has teamed up with Hammonds to share her expertise in Christmas food ideas to offer a little alternative festive inspiration into our kitchens. Over to you Andrea! The final countdown has is... Read more