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Blog of the Week- The Swelle Life

That’s right, it’s that time of the week again; the time when we bring you one of our most favourite blog based websites in the whole of the world wide web. But what virtual delight do we have to present to you this week? Our blog of the week is... Read more

Are you prepared for Stir Up Sunday?

It might not be a tradition that you will instantly recognise but at Hammonds we have to say that when it comes to keeping it going, this is one delicious historical event to mark on the calendar. Stir up Sunday is a British family tradition introduced by Prince Albert. Traditionally... Read more

Can a girl ever have enough shoe storage?

When it comes to shoes, even the most organised of women can start to go a bit purchase crazy, ending up with a messy pile of heels, flats, sandals and boots that soon take over not just a bedroom but an entire house. The trouble that goes along with this... Read more

Blog of the Week - Tidy Away Today

This week’s blog of the week is one that is less about interior design and more about organising your home and ultimately your life too. However, of course, at its heart it is still a stylish collection of ideas to not only make sure your home functions better but that it looks great too. Read more

World Kindness Day and the Woodland Trust

You might not know it but on the 13th November each and every year it is World Kindness day, a day that embraces the true beauty of the act of kindness, encouraging people around the world to do something good, something selfless, something kind. In fact the website states that... Read more

Blog of the Week - Little Stuff

This week’s blog of the week is something a little bit different to what we normally feature at Hammonds. It is a blog that is not totally dedicated to the world of interior design and home renovation; it is instead a blog that is concentrated on life as a whole. Especially how life can be once you have little people involved, sticky fingered, wide eyed and constantly curious children that is! Read more

5 Reasons Why We Really Love November

There is something in the air at Hammonds, perhaps it is the smell of the bonfire fading away or maybe it is the leaves falling off the trees and scattering the ground with splashes of beautiful colours? Whatever it is, we are truly feeling the love and the object of... Read more

Celebrate Bonfire Night with this Tasty Bonfire Toffee Recipe from Hammonds

We don’t know about you but at Hammonds we really love Bonfire night. There is something utterly magical about the sky being lit up with fireworks and the warming feeling on our faces of a glorious bonfire. If that wasn’t enough to warm you up as we head into winter... Read more

Bonfire Night doesn’t just need to be about burning wood, you can create it too

Everybody enjoys a great Bonfire Night and Fireworks display, but have you ever thought about bringing your memories to life inside your home? Take a look at our latest post to see how. Read more

Last Chance to Enter our Bedroom Makeover Competition

At Hammonds we love nothing more than the gift of giving, which is why we have created a bedroom makeover competition for those people who offer us their much appreciated support throughout the year. Read more