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5 ways to utilise your kitchen island | Hammonds

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There are many great benefits of a kitchen island. Find out how you can improve your cooking space with our kitchen island design ideas.

5 ways to utilise your kitchen island

If you’ve spent a bit of time recently perusing new kitchen blueprints and fawning over the possibilities for your next kitchen design, you’ll notice that the kitchen island is, quite literally, a central feature in many of them. If installing a freestanding cabinet presents a new design concept to your current kitchen space, it’s definitely worth considering.

Adaptable in their use and offering a variety of practical, social and aesthetic possibilities, there are plenty of benefits of a kitchen island. To get the creative juices flowing, we’ve got five kitchen island design ideas that show off their versatility.

To dine

Is the traditional dining table, and with it the dining room, falling out of fashion? We wouldn’t say so just yet, but there’s certainly been a decline in both their use and presence – especially in younger and smaller households. However, while many might be happy to do dinner on the sofa in front of the tele, there are certainly many of us still clamouring for a slightly more formal teatime affair – perhaps with a modern twist – and that’s where a kitchen island can come in handy.

Perhaps you want a dining area but don’t have the space in your home? Maybe you like the idea of being able to eat next to where you prep? Or do you want a slightly less formal space that still enables you to get the family together every evening? Whatever it is, the kitchen island will do the trick.

To prepare food

A perfect solution for the roving, expansive chef whose standard kitchen surfaces simply won’t suffice, your island can be used as a key preparation space for meal times. Incorporating it into your food prep can open you up to new, grander culinary projects as well as providing that extra room at meal times to make things seem less cluttered and stressful.

It could be your station to apply finishing touches, or simply an overflow for when you need it - either way it creates an elementary but hugely beneficial feature in your kitchen space. There’s also the option to add features such as a sink or stovetop as and where it makes practical sense.

To store

Currently using a kitchen that’s decidedly lacking in cabinetry? Enter your new kitchen island as the bringer of additional storage space for all those extra pots and pans. Kitchen islands come with the option to add drawers, pull-out shelves and cabinets, which can make it a clean but effective extension of the space you already have. Furthermore, the island can offer you a nook for a microwave or other appliances, as well as housing a wine rack.

Just as it can extend your cooking possibilities, an island can also allow you to expand your kitchen collection, be that appliances, crockery, utensils or other tools you fancy having at your disposal. Just make sure you know what you want to store before settling on a design, as that will define the layout of your installation.

To do homework

The focal point of your kitchen can become the central study space for the house if you so desire. Get the kids out of the bedroom and sat working at the kitchen top – that way, they’re not stuffed up in their room upstairs, you can spend a bit more time together and, most importantly, you’re on hand to help with any tricky conundrums! It’ll also help you keep an eye on them and make sure they get their work done properly – rumour has it the kitchen tops are too high for dogs to get to any work!

Likewise, the island top can act as a workspace for you as well, whether that’s to get a few extras done after hours or to provide a platform for a zoom meeting. In times where working from home is the new normal, your kitchen island could come in handier than ever.

To host

If you’re a regular host of dinner parties and love having friends and family over to entertain with some of your culinary delights, the kitchen island represents a perfect partner to you and your hosting space. It’s a great area for everyone to sit and catch up while you get the food going, you can get a few nibbles out for everyone to enjoy in the build-up, and the island also provides some extra seating should you require it.

That aspect will come in handy for more than just a night with friends, too. Say you have family staying or some of the kids’ friends over – you never know when you’ll need those extra few spaces.


The beauty of these kitchen island design ideas is that they’re not mutually exclusive. In fact, all of the ideas mentioned above can be intertwined with one another to some extent. That’s the beauty of the benefits of a kitchen island – you get excellent multifunctionality no matter what your primary needs are.

Think a kitchen island might be the right move as part of your new kitchen design? Why not book a design visit with us and see how we can transform your cooking space into your dream layout.


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