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Accessories and Ideas for Kitchen Finishing Touches | Hammonds

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Looking for kitchen finishing touches ideas? Find the inspiration you need to complete your project in style with this curated selection of extras.

Are you looking for kitchen finishing touches ideas?

Perhaps you’re installing a new one and have your basic layout, style and list of features covered. All you need now are the accessories that will realise your project’s potential.

Alternatively, you could be searching for easy ways to breathe new life into a space without undergoing a full redesign.

Either way, from the functional to the fun, there are countless additions that can help you put the cherry on top. Many can enhance your home life and daily routines. And considering a well-designed kitchen can add around 6% to the value of your property, it’s worth going that step further.    

As experts in kitchen design, discover a selection of our favourite accessories and ideas for your kitchen finishing touches below.  

Extra appliances

Kitchen appliances have come a long way over the years. Technological advances and smart design help them fit seamlessly into our everyday lives and environments. But while your cooker and typical ‘white goods’ are a given, what about the more niche appliances tailored to your lifestyle?

If a fresh brew gets you going every morning, integrated coffee machines make speciality coffees available at the touch of a button. For those with a refined palate or penchant for hosting, would a wine chiller built into a kitchen island keep the drinks flowing later on?

shaker Croft kitchen with open wine cooler

Other worktop options include blenders for daily health kicks and slow cookers for weekend feasts. Try to stick to items you know you’ll get value from though – the last thing you want is a cluttered kitchen.  

Lighting options

As with almost any room in the house, kitchens benefit from having different lighting options to suit different tasks, times and atmospheres. As well as at least one source of bright ambient lighting – usually fitted to the ceiling – can you introduce task lighting for functionality? How about accent lighting for drama?

Slab Kitchen Grey and Oak Accent

Under-cabinet spotlights are ideal for enhancing your precision in food preparation areas. Track lights or hanging pendant lights offer more stylistic impact and can help set the mood above a dining table.

If you don’t have too much space or flexibility, installing dimmer switches offers a simple way to switch things up.    

Smart storage

Your cabinets should cater to the majority of your kitchen storage needs. If you opt for a fitted kitchen especially, every inch of your space could be maximised. But adding the right storage additions will make sure everything is easy to find while keeping worktops free from clutter.     

Our magic corner pull-out shelves help prevent cabinet corners becoming dead space or frustrating to access. Tall pantry larders are perfect for organising essentials like pasta, tins and cereal, while simple open shelves can store your other frequently used items.

Croft kitchen with pan storage cupboard

Adding hooks above the sink, hobs and on cupboard doors will keep utensils at arm’s reach too. Moveable trolleys can also add flexible functionality.    

Prints, photos and art

If you’ve got all the above covered, perhaps all you’re missing is a touch of personality.

Avoid that artificial show-home feel by adding photos of your travels or the significant people in your life. You could mix these memories alongside pieces of art that showcase your taste, be it a large statement painting in a grand frame, or several colourful prints.


Even small sculptural items could sit nicely on your breakfast bar or windowsill. There’s no need to be an art buff or investor either – there are plenty of trendy high street stores selling eye-catching pieces at more affordable prices.

You could even commission something from an independent artist on platforms like Instagram and Etsy.          


Driven in part by growing wellbeing and environmental concerns, nature and eco have been prominent interior design trends in recent years. The good news is there are plenty of ways to incorporate natural elements into your kitchen project.

Liverton Hinckley New 2

Houseplants are known to reduce stress levels, connect us with nature and even improve air quality. Your kitchen windowsill presents a natural home for them – though many can thrive in shadier areas too. Plus, their pots create more opportunities for pops of colour and personality!

Alternatively, you could take a dual-functional approach and create a window herb garden. As well as a mix of plants to display and care for, you’ll have delicious homegrown ingredients on hand meal after meal.  

Quickfire kitchen finishing touches ideas

We’re not done yet. Here are three more quickfire ideas:

  • Feature walls: A contrasting wall or focal area can take your kitchen design from neutral to next level. Colourful tiles and patterned wallpaper are two great alternatives to paint.  
  • Underfloor heating: If what you’re missing is a sense of luxury, underfloor heating could be the answer. It’s a simple joy on frosty winter mornings. Bear in mind these systems can be tricky to retrofit, however. 
  • Custom knobs and handles: Adding your own embellishments is a great way to transform old cabinetry or put your own twist on a piece of freestanding furniture.


We hope this curated selection has provided you with the inspiration you need to complete your kitchen project. Book a Hammonds design visit to discover what twists our innovative interior designers would add.  

In the meantime, you can find more tips and guides on our blog.



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