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The best cooking courses to expand your skills | Hammonds


Looking to become the ultimate host in 2021? We’ll walk you through the best cooking courses

The best cooking courses for expanding your personal repertoire

Whether you’re looking to build your culinary skills or trying to become the ultimate host for 2021, expanding your personal cooking repertoire is a super fun and highly fulfilling hobby to get involved with.

But with so many areas of expertise to choose from, where do you begin? Enjoying cooking is all about finding your passion and exploring it, so here are seven tastebud-tingling courses that’ll help make your dinner parties the talk of your friends, and your evening meals the stuff of legend.

Butchery & fish mongering

For lovers of all things meaty, the first port of call should be a butchery and fish mongering course. Here, you’ll learn about the different cuts of meat and how to get the most from them and learn the staple elements like how to debone a fish properly. If you’ve got a meat of choice, you can take a specialist course of choice, be it for pork, lamb, beef or whatever else you fancy. Likewise, you can take on meat classes from around the world, from best of British to learning more exotic techniques.

If you’re wondering how to cook the perfect steak or create the tastiest shellfish dish, this should be your starting point.

Vegan cooking

On the other side of the coin, how about an adventure on how to learn cooking techniques in the vegan world? The vegan diet is on a sharp rise in the UK – with hundreds of thousands of people making the switch for both health and ethical reasons – and the range of culinary possibilities within it is constantly expanding.

A vegan course will help you master the tricks of texture and taste that make modern vegan food so vibrant and popular, as well as teach you the deliciously dark arts of fakery to help you create dishes that replicate favourites that aren’t permitted in a vegan diet. A great choice for those who want to accommodate their vegan friends or have just made the transition themselves and want to get maximum enjoyment from their cooking.


Is there anything better to be a master of than chocolate? Become the resident saint for the sweet-toothed in your group of friends with a chocolatier’s course that’ll teach you the tricks of the professional trade. A course in chocolate will help you learn to work with different types of chocolate in their purest forms and open your skills up to a variety of ideas on desserts, sweets and building your own bars.

Chocolatier courses have appeal on both a personal and professional level. You can learn new skills simply to make delicious treats at home or with a view to starting a little business on the side.


The same goes for baking, with many “side hustle” baking businesses popping up on social media and the continuing popularity of The Great British Bake Off inspiring a new generation of bakers and a surge in creativity in the sector. From learning the nuances of pastry making to getting to grips with baking your own bread, getting into baking offers a wide-ranging hobby that comes with a lot of practical, everyday uses. It’s also an accessible hobby that’s a great starting point for aspiring foodies who want to get their hands dirty in an addictive new pastime.

Cuisine-specific courses

If you’ve got a taste for flavours of the world and cultural culinary pursuits, there are plenty of courses devoted to country and culture-specific cuisines that will allow you to better understand your favourite style of cooking. Think of learning basic skills like how to create fresh pasta as part of an Italian course, or how to serve up a tantalisingly tasty spicy pad Thai as part of a south-east Asian masterclass.

Whatever course, or courses, you choose, they’re a great way to expand the flavours found in your kitchen.

Coffee brewing

How many of us absolutely love coffee? With the coffee machine becoming an ever more popular kitchen appliance, and the majority of the British adult population relying on a few cups to get them through the day, a course in coffee brewing is a class that has widespread appeal.

Budding coffee connoisseurs can get a better understanding of roasting techniques, flavour notes, grinding and a range of other barista techniques that will take their love of the black stuff to a whole new level, and their morning coffee into heavenly territory.

Cocktail making

For lovers of a dinner party and making food and drink a part of socialising, there isn’t a better choice than a fun and engaging cocktail course. Learn spirit pairings that will take your skills beyond the likes of a mimosa or a dry martini, get to grips with proper shaking techniques and find out how the right garnish can transform your average cocktail.

The perfect choice for those who want to be the centre of attention when hosting – just make sure you don’t get too brave with the party tricks and bottle tossing!

Learning new skills in the kitchen is a great way to build expertise in an area that’ll pay dividends on a day to day basis. Not only will the best cooking courses help you to create delicious meals that captivate their recipients, but you’ll also find growing your abilities to be rewarding and fun. Of course, if you are going to take on a deluxe cooking or drink making course, you need the right environment to do it in. Book a design visit with us to find out how we can help you build a kitchen that is worthy of your culinary skills.


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