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Big ideas for small kitchens


When it comes to smaller kitchens, you might feel like your options are limited and creating your dream kitchen is an unattainable goal, but that’s not the case.

When kitchen space is at a premium, getting the most out of it is all about careful and clever planning. Little details can make a huge difference and when you’re faced with choosing between cupboard and drawer space, every centimetre counts. Your kitchen must be both liveable and loveable, a place where you can cook up a storm and store all the things you need. 

We love making the most of the space we have to play with. Here are a few ideas to consider if you are working with a small kitchen.

Small kitchen, big storage

Storage is one of the most essential elements in a smaller kitchen. Think about the storage you might need and plan around that. This way you can utilise the space you do have with clever ideas to store the things you need. Think about the things you use frequently and those things you use less often. Having the items you use on a daily basis to hand, makes them more accessible than having to rifle through your cupboards every time you need something. Your best dinnerware that only comes out at Christmas can be safely stored away until you need it leaving more room for day-to-day pots, pans, plates etc. If you have a corner area that feels like wasted space, consider a magic corner pull out.


This smart design doubles your cupboard space, with shelves attached to the fascia of the doors, you can store the things you frequently use like herbs and spices.

Get organised

Go through all your kitchen items; tupperware, stock cupboard essentials, everything. If you use it and need it - keep it, if it's out of date or you can't find the lid of a particular box, get rid. Organising your kitchen items and drawers will help you identify what storage you need and where. It will help you to make the most of every inch, it might be a thankless task, but in the long run, it's worth it.  If you’re one of those people who just puts everything in a drawer and hopes for the best, using a cutlery tray is a great way to keep your drawers organised and will stop you from using them as a home for your random receipts, plastic bags or unused assorted bits and bobs.



Maximise your space

If you’re in the stages of planning a newly fitted kitchen and have a small space, think about extending your cupboards all the way to the ceiling. There's very little point leaving a gap between your cabinet and the ceiling, it's just an area that will collect dust. If you go full height, you will get so much more storage space and can keep the things you don't use much out of reach.



On the shelf

If you want an open feel but still want storage, shelves can really help to create a lighter, brighter space. Wall cabinets in a small kitchen can encroach and block light, shelves will help to create an airy feel and act as an area to either display or store your things.

Newton Kitchen Peterborough

If you have a small kitchen and want big design ideas, our experts are on hand to help you unlock the space you have with truly bespoke fitted kitchens so you can get the most out of the heart of your home, book your design visit today.


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