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Breakfast bar ideas | Hammonds

Wide Croft kitchen and breakfast bar with seating

The breakfast bar is one of the most versatile features you can install in your kitchen. Find out how to make the most of one in your home with Hammonds.

Breakfast bar ideas: How to plan an attractive multi-functional space

The breakfast bar is one of the most versatile pieces of kitchen design you can install. It’s amazing how adding a seemingly simple surface to your cooking and dining space can transform the area and offer you true multifunctionality, but the breakfast bar does just that.

An extended counter layout gives you a few options. First and foremost, as its name suggests, it gives you a designated dining space, ideal for day-to-day casual use, but it also offers a few auxiliary uses, such as a remote working spot or hosting platform. Indeed, your breakfast bar is there for whenever you need it, whatever you need it for.

Sophisticated, versatile and incredibly contemporary, there’s a case for a breakfast bar to feature in every kitchen. Of course, it’s not a one size fits all job – far from it – so here’s a few fundamental pieces of advice when considering the range of breakfast bar ideas available to you.

Sizing and dimensions

Generally speaking, there are three standard countertop heights for a breakfast bar – 30 inches, 36 inches and 42 inches, while the length and width of your breakfast bar surface can be tailored to the measurements you require. Naturally, the dimensions of your breakfast bar will be dictated by the kitchen surrounding it and the space you can afford to it. Your key considerations on sizing should surround finding a balance between walkway and surface space, as well as choosing an appropriate depth if you wish to incorporate something like bar stools, as many designs do.


Positioning of your breakfast bar will again largely depend on what you already have in place, but there are few factors to bear in mind that represent optimal choices. When looking at your surface layout, think about maximising natural light and viewing position from the counter while also looking to maintain or improve the flow of the room.

Breakfast bars are often used as an organic divider between living and cooking areas, too, and this is something you’ll want to bear in mind when deciding on your counter location, especially in open-plan spaces.


If you want it to be, your breakfast bar can be a simple and stylish open surface that is left as is to give you a place to eat, work and socialise. It can, however, be adapted to feature any number of useful kitchen features, allowing you to extend your kitchen in a practical sense.

Take a look at our range of breakfast bar ideas and you’ll see that some are simply an extended worktop, while others feature designated space for appliances, a sink or a specialised food preparation area. Your breakfast bar can be built to address whatever your kitchen is currently missing, be it additional function or just a bit of extra surface space.


Your breakfast bar is likely to become the focal point of your kitchen, and because of that it needs to meet both aesthetic and practical standards. Your choice of worktop material therefore should be one that offers substance beneath the style, providing durability, stain resistance and general longevity and value over the course its life.

Popular options that tick both boxes include quartz, acrylic and various other laminate formats. If you want to push the boat out a little further in striking design terms, options like timber and laminated slate will both make a statement.

Lighting and décor

Breakfast bars invite the addition of quality lighting, and it’s likely you’ll want to bring in some additional lighting to what you already have to enhance the focus of the room towards your new centrepiece. The obvious choice with breakfast bar lighting ideas is to introduce hanging lights, but within that you have a somewhat overwhelming choice of delightful contemporary options. Our recommendation would be to try a three-light set above the counter, using a style that complements the theme of your wider kitchen.

Beyond the detail of your worktop surface itself, breakfast bar décor ideas can often boil down to a few simple touches. You can go for a particular centrepiece ornament that is solely design focused, but you can just as well use practical elements to enhance the immediate aesthetic. Think wine racks and fruit bowls, or a designated area for your condiments such as spice rack or organised area for preserves, butter and cereals.

Ready to build your ideal breakfast bar?

At Hammonds, we’re dedicated to creating truly personalised kitchen spaces, and there a few better ways to impact kitchen designs than with a tailored, multi-functional breakfast bar. To find out more about our breakfast bar ideas and how they can fit into your home, why not book a design visit with one of our experts?

If you’d like to take a closer look at things, you can visit your local showroom, or order a brochure today.


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