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Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas: Designing a Farmhouse Kitchen | Hammonds

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Farmhouse kitchens are warm and inviting, suiting both period and traditional homes. Learn more about how to transform your kitchen with this design today.

There’s no doubt that the kitchen is the heart of the home, which is why it’s essential that you find a design for this space that is perfect for you.

If you’re looking to add rustic character to your house, there are few styles more homely and inviting than the farmhouse kitchen. Boasting charm and warmth, you’ll love the cosiness that it brings.


So, just how can you achieve this classic look in your home? Rather than going in search of more kitchen showrooms or browsing through even more catalogues, allow us to help you with our tips on how to design a farmhouse kitchen.

What is a farmhouse kitchen?

With their warm yet unpretentious designs, farmhouse kitchens are suited to period and traditional homes, and help to create a country cottage feel. Despite their name, you certainly don’t need to live out in the sticks in order to achieve this design. Instead, you can use this guide to capture elements of the style to create a look that suits your space.

“A farmhouse theme can work in any kitchen, no matter how small or large it is. This natural, traditional style will help to provide a comforting space for you to relax in.”

Heather, Hammonds designer[AM1]

Farmhouse colours and finishes

There are no strict rules when it comes to colour schemes for a farmhouse kitchen, though light and airy shades will help to add to an inviting feel. If you’re blessed with a lot of natural light, you can dare to go a slightly darker on the walls, such as Farrow & Ball’s Slate Grey.

Wood – painted or left natural – is a classic choice of material for cupboards, units and worktops. Don’t be afraid to break it up, either – different types of wood in different areas of the room can help to create that lack of uniformity that this style of kitchen is known for.

To help transform your room into a country-inspired space, you could also consider adding patterns such as stripes or florals, vintage details, or authentic traditional appliances.

Traditional units

With its use of wood, balanced proportions and simple finishes, Shaker-style cabinets and drawer doors would fit in well with the farmhouse theme. Units featuring handles and knobs are a must, and here at Hammonds, we can create the ideal bespoke items for you.

[AM1]I’ve taken names for quotes from here:

A kitchen island or freestanding furniture

Islands and freestanding furniture help to maintain a relaxed, social feel, allowing people to gather while also doubling up as extra workspace. From dinner parties to cocktail evenings, the addition of a kitchen island will introduce a social hub where you can get together with your friends and family.


No matter whether you are going to use your kitchen island to prepare food, cook your favourite dishes, eat and drink, or store your crockery, we can tailor the design for the space its intended for. For an additional rustic farmhouse kitchen feel, you could even consider selecting a wooden worktop for this focal point in the room.

Smart but open storage

While minimalist kitchens may hide things away, farmhouse kitchens put items on display while keeping workspaces uncluttered. Why hide your favourite crockery in the cupboards when you can make a plate rack a stand-out feature?

When it comes to farmhouse kitchen ideas, another practical, wholesome feature to consider adding to the design is a traditional larder. They’re distinctive, easily adaptable, and provide heaps of storage space. Plus, they’re stylish!

Final farmhouse kitchen décor tips

As for the finishing touches, you can’t go wrong with a ceramic Belfast sink for a farmhouse style home. Paired with silver or copper taps, this feature will not only ooze sophistication, but its practicality will also help to make washing up much easier.

Your oven must also be carefully considered; as the main ingredient in the kitchen, it must complement the style. In a farmhouse kitchen, a range cooker will be a welcome addition.

To discover what our designers can do with your kitchen space, book a free design visit today. During that initial chat, you can provide us with more details on the looks that you love. From there, we will measure up and talk you through some design ideas, so that you can experiment with your desired colour combinations and textures.

In the meantime, be sure to check out our other kitchen guides for further inspiration on our blog.


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