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Gloss kitchen ideas for an eye-catching finish | Hammonds

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We show you how to create a high-shine kitchen that dazzles. From lighting to colour scheme, our guide to gloss kitchens can help you transform any space.

When it comes to creating a high-end, contemporary kitchen design, nothing does it quite like a gloss finish. Endlessly dazzling and chic to a fault, gloss kitchens have become de rigueur for developing an enviable kitchen aesthetic.

High-gloss kitchens are perfect for elevating a space, whether it’s small and dark or just a little dull. When used sparingly, gloss elements can creating stunning focal points. A gloss kitchen island paired with harmonising matt features elsewhere, for example.

Depending on the design you have in mind and your own discerning tastes, there are countless gloss kitchen ideas to create your perfect kitchen.

A range of colours

White and grey were once the mainstay colours of gloss kitchens, but with enhanced lacquer techniques and modern treatments, gloss kitchens can be created to specific, bespoke requirements.

Often, when redesigning a small or dark kitchen, it is tempting to opt for brighter paint finishes or white to maximise space. Yet, due to their high shine and light-reflecting abilities, gloss kitchens in darker shades can be used with great effect in small spaces, allowing you to select from a range of colours that suit your tastes.


Natural materials such as wood can also be varnished and lacquered to add a point of difference and interest into your space. Maple and walnut have been on trend for some time now. If you are hoping to create a thoroughly modern look, opt for dark-blue gloss cabinets, a high-shine worktop in a complementary colour with walnut accents to ground the space.


Lighting in a gloss kitchen can truly bring your design to life. The reflective qualities of high-shine worktops, cabinets and even floors enable light to bounce throughout your kitchen with ease. Therefore, it is critical to think about the mood you want to create with your gloss kitchen ideas.

If you are opting for a dark, brooding and opulent feel, select warm lighting and avoid recessed spotlights as these will cast glaring pools of light throughout the room. Strip lighting under cabinets and low-hung, elaborate pendant lights create drama and an eye-catching focal point. Glossy metals such as brass can also help up the opulence.

Alternatively, a bright, open and minimal aesthetic can be cleverly achieved through stark white and recessed spotlights that flood your kitchen with light. As with any interior project, the lighting options you choose can make or break a design, so take your time when selecting you lights.

Cabinet styles

Commonly, high-gloss kitchen cabinets are created in sleek, minimal, handle-less designs that sit their contemporary aesthetic. However, kitchen cabinets can be adapted or crafted into high-gloss iterations of your favourite kitchen cabinet styles.


Timeless Shaker-style cabinetry lends itself particularly well to gloss paint finishes. Its versatility as a kitchen style means it can be customised with accessories that suit your high-end gloss look.

The important thing to consider when you are selecting a cabinet style to suit your gloss kitchen ideas is your style and taste. Kitchens are built for longevity and you will likely use your kitchen for upwards of 15 years before renovating again, so select a style that you love.

Smart appliances

Appliances will become a huge part of your overall kitchen design. Of course, some appliances are easily hidden such as fridges and dishwashers, while others like hobs, ovens and wine fridges will likely be on display most of the time.

Wine Chiller 1

Ensure the appliances you select complement your overall gloss kitchen style, as they will enhance your design. Sleek ceramic hobs are fantastic for carrying on the high-shine appeal. This can also be carried through to your oven and other appliances.

Stainless steel can fit harmoniously into most gloss kitchen designs. Nevertheless, you should avoid it if you are using other metal accents such as copper or brass elsewhere. Opt for high-shine black appliance for darker kitchens for added drama.


Storage solutions may not fit into the visual elements of creating a high-end gloss kitchen, but the right storage can vastly improve your enjoyment of your kitchen. Optimise a small kitchen effectively with clever storage hacks such as pull-out corner shelving and various depth of draws for your cutlery, crockery and pans.

If you have a larger space to work with, you could incorporate a double-wide built-in larder to house your goods and wow your guests with your culinary curiosities.

hammonds tandem larder for kitchen storage

If you are hoping to create a bespoke gloss kitchen and add some high-end appeal to your home, book a free design visit with our experts. We can help bring your ideas to life and build your dream kitchen with you.


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