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Handleless kitchen design ideas | Hammonds

True Handleless Blue Kitchen

Handleless kitchens are sleek, stylish, and growing in popularity. If you’re looking for cool handleless kitchen design ideas and inspiration, read on.

Your guide to handleless kitchen design

Handless kitchens have grown in popularity in recent years. Switching out traditional handles on cupboards and drawers for clever hidden gaps and push-to-open mechanisms creates a sleek, seamless finish.

If you’ve been thinking about updating your kitchen for a while and want to know more about creating a handle-free space, read on. We’ve created a guide to handleless kitchen design that will inspire you.

What are handleless kitchens?

As the name suggests, handleless kitchens feature cupboards, drawers and other storage spaces that come without typical door knobs or hand grips. By doing away with these traditional handles, you are creating a streamlined kitchen that looks uncluttered.

The handleless concept is reminiscent of the Bauhaus style of the early 20th century. Interiors inspired by this style are known for their combination of simplicity and functionality and by introducing innovative, handle-free solutions, kitchens suddenly slotted into this simplified look. 

In place of handles, there may be a channel or groove that you run your finger along to open the door or drawer. Alternatively, you might have push-to-open systems or electric mechanisms. 

However, while you might be searching for handleless kitchen ideas and inspiration for the first time, this isn’t a modern idea. The world’s first handleless kitchens were showcased in the 1960s, when metal rails were placed on top of the doors. Over the decades, new innovations have been introduced to tuck away these rails behind the cupboards and drawers, leaving a polished, seamless design.

It’s these new technologies, combined with the trend towards minimalist design, that have helped boost the popularity of handleless kitchens in the last decade. Now, more homeowners are opting for handle-free kitchens.  

What are the advantages of handleless kitchens?

So, are handleless kitchens a good idea for your home? To help you decide, it’s worth considering their plus points.

We’ve already touched on the appeal of the overall look and functionality of this type of kitchen. Of course, the aesthetic of your space is an essential consideration, especially if you’re taking the time to redesign. By opting for handleless doors and drawers, you are immediately creating a contemporary room that’s effortlessly stylish.

Another design advantage is that this clean look allows other features in your kitchen to shine. By not having a number of handles protruding from the cupboard doors, everything looks uniform, giving you a chance to show off your new lighting or splashback.  

As well as the polished effect that handleless kitchens offer, they’re also safer. There are no knobs or corners of hand rails for children to walk into, plus there’s nothing for them to grab, so they’re less likely to access the cutlery drawer. Also, without these handles jutting out, there’s nothing there to catch your clothes on.

Additionally, handle-free kitchens can be easier to keep clean because there are no handles to dust down.

What are the key features of handleless kitchens?

While there are different types and styles to choose from, there are certain features that can be found in handleless kitchens. For design ideas and inspiration, here are some of the most common features to look out for and weave into your own home.

  • Vertical lines – these are found in kitchens that have tall cupboards. These lines create a sense of height and, as there are no handles to break up the cupboards, it enhances the sense of space.
  • Horizontal lines – these take the eye around the room, guiding you through the different areas of the kitchen. This is an ideal choice for smaller spaces.
  • Undermount sinks – these are a neat way to continue the simple lines of the handleless kitchen. Unlike standard sinks, these are fitted beneath the worktop, removing the rim between the countertop and sink. This continues the sleek look and makes it easier to keep the sink area clean.
  • Square counters – these sit flush with the cupboards below, creating a neat, geometric look while adding to the pared-back style of the space.
  • Neat lighting – LED strips are a clean, crisp way of lighting up worktops without losing the space that traditional strip bulbs take up.

How to design your handleless kitchen

There are different ways to approach handleless kitchen design in your home. To begin planning how you want it to look, start with what you’ll be swapping your handles out for. Do you want push-to-open doors, hidden handle strips or recessed grips?

Hidden handle strips are usually either flush-mounted – which means there’s a handle bar that protrudes from the front of the unit – or recessed, which is where the handle is shaped into the top of the door and you run your finger into the recess to pull the door open.

Recessed grips are rails that are milled into the door and usually feature an aluminium strip. This is a simple way to grip the top of the door and pull it open and is often referred to as a ‘true’ handleless kitchen.

Once you know which type of handleless design you want to go for, you can think about the colours. These kitchens are available in a range of shades, so you can opt for one or mix and match bolder tones with a neutral palette.

Alternatively, you can have one colour scheme throughout and pick out your handle rail in a different colour. You could even run LED lighting along your handle rails to make them stand out.

Explore Hammonds’ handleless kitchens

If you’re feeling ready to jump into the world of handleless kitchens, get design inspiration here at Hammonds. Take a look at the handleless storage solutions and layouts available in Cadora, our first handleless kitchen. Our Loxley kitchen also offers a handleless appearance, should you want to get an idea of the different styles that could suit your home.

Ready to find out more? We’re on hand to help. Book a free design visit and we’ll talk you through how it will look.

You can also find further guides on the Hammonds blog.   


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