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How to add a pop of colour to your kitchen | Hammonds


 Whether you're daunted by a lot of colour or you're a commitment-phobe, we've got some simple tips to add pops of colour to your kitchen

When it comes to brightening up our homes, we seem to find living rooms and bedrooms the first spaces we tackle. But given that we're spending more time than ever in the kitchen, you may be wondering how to add colour to your kitchen – especially if you're afraid you'll get it wrong!

We know that the colours and materials you select for your kitchen will affect your mood and the impression your home makes on your guests, so it's important that the colour you select makes you feel good and that it reflects your personality or sense of style.

Understanding colour

Understanding how colours should be used together will help you select complementing or contrasting pairings depending on your desired effect. As long as you understand how a colour is made up and its position on the colour wheel, you can't really go wrong.

Kitchen walls are an obvious place to start when it comes to injecting colour, and if you're still a little hesitant, then the tried and tested feature wall with contrasting white walls is ideal. Adding just enough colour to add interest, without it feeling overwhelming. Still unsure? There are more subtle ways you can add colour to your kitchen.

Coloured kitchen doors

The simplest way to add colour to your kitchen is through your cupboard doors. Whether you're choosing a brand-new kitchen or want to revamp your existing one, coloured doors are an effective way to transform your space. We've spent a lot of time carefully selecting a palette of colours which work perfectly together. To get the professional and flawless finish you're looking for, we also apply our paint using a specialist sprayer, giving consistent colouring across all our cabinets.

Natural earth tones bring a sense of warmth and comfort and can be easily included by using wood-effect kitchen doors. If you're looking for something a bit more contemporary and calming then cool shades of white, grey and blue that reflect light well give the illusion of a wider and brighter room.

Cool shades with a gloss finish are a popular choice of kitchen door for smaller layouts as they radiate light so well, while rich tones in dark blue and green tones work well in both classic and contemporary settings.


Statement splashbacks

A cost-effective way to add colour to your kitchen and update its look is by adding a statement splashback. If you have a contemporary, clean and minimalistic white gloss kitchen, a bright coloured glass or acrylic splashback creates a clear focal point.

For a classic or traditional kitchen, metro-style tiles are having a bit of a moment. Choose jewel tones for a rich heritage feel or dark grey or black if you're looking for more of an industrial aesthetic.

Coloured worktops

Worktops are more than just preparation surfaces; they can be statements in their own right. Switching your worktop is an immediate way to update your kitchen and inject a touch of colour, which is why we have a range of worktop options available.

Light worktops go well in small kitchens or spaces that are lacking in natural light, as they're more reflective and give the illusion of more room. But be careful not to have too many accessories placed on the surfaces as it can appear more cluttered.

Dark kitchen surfaces are rich in tone and can help reflect light around the kitchen when finished in a gloss. If you have lighter units, then a darker worktop can complement and add interest.

If you have an island in your kitchen, then using a contrasting countertop can add a stylish feature and can create depth.

Handleless Grey Gloss

Invest in colourful cookware

For those who are still a little cautious of colour, then adding colour through cookware, crockery and appliances is a simple – and commitment-free – way to experiment. Coloured ceramic dishes and cooking utensils can be displayed to add subtle hints. To tie it all together, you can add vases of co-ordinating flowers for a truly chic look.

If you're ready to inject some colour to your kitchen, but don't know where to begin, arrange a free design visit with us today and we'll provide you with some kitchen colour inspiration.


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