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How to clean your pantry in 5 simple steps

A pantry fitted under the stairs, with fitted shelves that house containers full of dried food.

Want to create an enviable pantry space? Here’s how to clean your pantry with our 5 simple steps!


Whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter, cleaning out your pantry is more than likely a task that gets put off for weeks on end. Often the bane of people’s lives, a messy pantry can cause stress and angst, especially if you’re only venturing in to grab a couple of bits. If you store a lot of dried goods, household and other items here that you go in for often, giving the space a good clean and organise can be incredibly helpful and satisfying. At Hammonds, we’ve compiled all the pantry cleaning advice you’ll ever need.

Your kitchen pantry cleaning checklist

Here’s what you’ll need to tackle your pantry:

  1. Cleaning gloves – whether you go classic and yellow or pink and fluffy, the choice is up to you!
  2. Your favourite all-purpose cleaner and duster
  3. A bit of spare time – or a lot depending on how big of a space you have
  4. The best can-do attitude you can find – you may need it!

Once you’ve rallied together the team, you’re ready to begin tackling your pantry.

Remove everything and sort into categories

First things first. Take everything out of your pantry and set it to one side. Once you’ve removed every last item, you can begin the task of organising everything into categories. We’d recommend sorting them into three sections – throw away, donate and keep. By doing this you’ll be working towards creating additional space by binning or donating those bits and pieces you don’t need or want to keep anymore.

Donating is also a great way to give back, but make sure that whatever you’re giving away is in relatively good condition, or within its use by date if its food.

By sorting everything into categories before they go back into your pantry, you can make sure that what you’re putting back in has a purpose, and that when you reach for it in the future, you know exactly where it is. You might also discover some long-lost items in there you’d forgotten had existed!

Clean your shelves

Once everything is out and organised, you can start the deep cleaning process. Whether you decide to simply spray and wipe down your shelves or clean and repaint them, you’ll thank us later when you start to put your bits and pieces back!

You’ll be surprised how much dust and dirt can accumulate in a pantry space, even with the doors closed. Give the space a freshen up with a sweep and vacuum, then dust, clean and don’t forget to scrub off any spills and drips from jars too!

hammonds pantry larder for kitchen storage

Decant and repackage what you can

If you have repeat items (multiples of the same product), decant them into one single jar. This will help to create more space on your shelves and also ensure they’re easier to find. We’d also recommend doing this for dirty containers too as this will keep your space clean and fresh.

Love being organised? Try popping cereals, rice, pasta and other dry foods and snacks into clear jars and tubs. Once everything is packaged away you can either label them with a white paint marker or even a label from a label maker! This helps to create a chic minimalist design and makes it easier to see what’s what.

Restock in a logical order

When coming round to restocking your pantry, make sure you do so in a way that suits you. Grouping similar items together such as spices and cans can make it much easier to find things when you need them, and pop the oldest ingredients at the front. By doing this you’ll ensure you’re eating or using the things that will go out of date first, helping to reduce waste.

This process will also highlight whether or not you need to stock up on anything you’re running low on too!

When you’re looking for advice on how to clean your pantry, look no further than Hammonds. With a number of kitchen storage solutions available which would work perfectly in your space, speak to a member of our friendly team to find out how we can help transform your pantry into the most enviable area.


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