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How to Create a Timeless Kitchen | Hammonds

Blue and Oak Handleless Kitchen

Create a timeless kitchen that suits your style and lasts a lifetime. Our guide is full of top tips to create a look that stands the test of time.

When it comes to home renovation there are few bigger projects to tackle than redesigning and fitting a new kitchen. Few people will take on the challenge more than once, so getting the design right is essential from the start.

To that end, it is important to meticulously select a kitchen that transcends trend and time; one that you will love to cook in year after year. The kitchen – as the heart of the home – should be functional, beautiful and fill you with joy.

At Hammonds, we understand timeless kitchen design and the need to get it just right. Here, we discuss colour schemes, storage solutions and classic design details in our guide on how to create a timeless kitchen.

Neutral colours

Undoubtedly, your tastes and style will evolve over the years and while you may not want to renovate your kitchen again, creating a timeless backdrop can help you personalise your kitchen throughout the years.

Neutral colours are ideal for this. Shades of white and grey run the gamut from cool to warm. The cool, blue-based tones pair perfectly with metal accents, while warmer, yellow or red-based hues sit perfectly with natural materials like wood and stone.

For a truly timeless kitchen colour scheme, try to limit your use of colour to two or three complementary shades that will create a sense of harmony and cohesion throughout your kitchen.

Shaker design

There is a reason why Shaker-style kitchens have stood the test of time: their simple, functional and classic look. Since the 18th century, shaker kitchens have been the dominant choice for timeless kitchen design.


Shaker kitchens are known for their distinctly minimal design that prioritise clean lines and minimal to no decoration. This makes a Shaker kitchen the ideal design for layering on your own personality with colour, handles, accessories and more.

Due to their timeless appeal, Shaker kitchens fit well into most property styles as well. They can add a touch of country glamour to Georgian architecture or a contemporary twist to period conversion properties.

Smart storage

Regardless of how long you intend to use your kitchen for, one thing will always be essential in making it a room you love to use: storage. Many people redesign, or even extend, their kitchens to add more storage as their needs surpass their means.

In order to get a timeless kitchen design right from the start, it is crucial that you consider smart storage solutions that can evolve with your kitchen throughout the years. This could include maximising corner cupboards with pull-out shelving, creating a hidden larder, or making the most of your cutlery draw.

Hammonds magic corner kitchen storage pull out

The more adaptable your storage is, the longer you will enjoy using it.

Natural materials

Selecting the right materials can make or break your kitchen design, literally. Natural materials such as stone and wood are hardwearing and versatile, making them the ideal choice for a timeless kitchen design.

Although materials such as marble and granite seem to go in and out of fashion, in reality they are common choices for kitchen worktops due to their longevity and classic look. When selecting a worktop to complement your design it is important to consider how it fits into your overall colour scheme.

Quartz and granite countertops work wonderfully with cooler, sleeker designs, while wood worktops have a rustic, farmhouse kitchen aesthetic that fits well will warmer tones.

Quality accessories

As well as selecting a design that stands the test of time, choosing the right appliances at the start will save you having to replace them too soon down the line. You should also take time to consider the types of appliances and accessories you need and that will suit your lifestyle.

Double ovens are great if you have a large family or like entertaining. Designing these to sit at shoulder height is also a great way to futureproof your kitchen, as bending down can be tiresome as we age. Of course, you will also want to consider the type of fridge-freezer, dishwasher and even washing machine you want in your space too.

black oven 2.jpg

You might also consider more modern accessories to add to your kitchen. Items such as boiling water taps and wine fridges make excellent modern editions to a timeless kitchen design.

Are you ready to create your dream kitchen? Book a complimentary design visit with our kitchen experts to collaborate with us on your perfect kitchen renovation.


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