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How to create a versatile kitchen that’s fit for modern life

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Want to create a truly versatile kitchen to fit in with your lifestyle? Take a look at our top tips.


Creating a truly multipurpose kitchen can be challenging, especially without the right tips, tricks and design advice. With many people now working remotely from home, the kitchen has been transformed into more than just somewhere to cook food or bake treats.

From entertaining friends and family to keeping the little ones busy while you make dinner, the modern kitchen needs to do so much more than it has ever done. If you’re looking to transform the heart of your home, look no further than the advice from the team at Hammonds.

Choose an open-plan design

Kitchens are no longer the separate, contained space they once were. An open-plan design is now highly sought after among many, whether you’re transforming your existing space or buying a new home. They help to create the feeling of a much lighter and brighter area and also allow more people to gather together at once – ideal if you love entertaining your friends and family over drinks and dinner.

The lack of walls creates a more comfortable room that’s clear and spacious – it will not only brighten up your home, but your life too. A combined kitchen, living and dining area provides a truly modern and versatile space, perfect for you and the whole family.


Create separate zones

The process of zoning can help guide the flow of the space. When you’re in the design process, think about the areas you’ll need for cooking, storage, utilities, eating, relaxing and even working.

You could bring in a physical division such as an island, dining table or even lounging area. An island will offer you additional storage and create a mid-height divider without compromising light – it will also offer you another area to dine and potentially work from home too.

Another possible way to create separate zones in your open-plan space is by way of your flooring. Pick a tiled floor for the kitchen area and a wooden floor or carpeted area in your dining and living spaces. Alternatively, you could go for a more subtle transition by blending one area into another using different tones of the same material, such as laminate or vinyl.

Install multiple lighting options

Lighting can be used to separate off each section, creating a stunningly versatile kitchen and helping set the tone for each area. Whether you install some unique pendant lights above your kitchen island or change a single switch for a dimmer, there are a number of ways to using lighting to your advantage.

If you’re introducing a living space into your new multipurpose kitchen, why not light this with lamps instead of ceiling lights – leaving the cooking and baking area lit with spotlights to truly define each section.

Upgrade your storage

If your kitchen is acting as a living room and a home office all mixed into one, the last thing you want or need is clutter. By introducing unique storage solutions like those we offer here at Hammonds, you’ll keep the mess at bay and make the most of the space you have.

Our larder and cupboard storage units can be used to house a whole host of things. While one acts as a space to keep your baking ingredients, spices and cooking equipment, the other could be used to keep your laptop chargers, cables and other working-from-home equipment stored neatly. With so many innovative solutions on offer, the clutter will be kept at bay and your space will be ready for you to use no matter what you need it for.

Blue and Oak Handleless Kitchen

Choose multi-functional furniture

When thinking about how to make the most out of your space and create the most versatile kitchen possible, you have to consider multi-functional furniture. Why have a single use object when you can utilise something in more than one way?

Take a kitchen island for example. This offers a place to prepare food, do paperwork or homework from and is great for socialising around. You can cook away while friends and family gather with glasses of wine in hand, or get your important meeting notes typed up while keeping an eye on your dinner on the hob.

Another multifunctional piece you could include in your kitchen design is a storage bench. Not only are they great for hosting a number of guests for parties and luncheons, but they can also be used to keep shoes and clutter at bay.

With so many options for your new versatile kitchen, you’ll be cooking, entertaining and relaxing in no time! Why not get in touch with our expert designers and book a design visit? We’ll talk you through the range we have, from colours and finishes to worktops and storage solutions.


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