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How to design a modern kitchen | Hammonds

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Modern kitchen ideas. How to design a modern kitchen with Hammonds designers. Featuring smart storage solutions, modern appliances, and clever design.

Modern kitchen ideas: How to design a modern kitchen

If there’s one room that’s synonymous with modern home design, it might well be the kitchen. Often home to the latest gadgets, sleek designs, and ever-evolving storage solutions, we show you how you can transform your kitchen. From taking contemporary cues from nature, sticking to the tried and tested sleek luxe feel, to integrating traditional styles with modern metro tiles, we offer you plenty of modern kitchen ideas to whet the appetite.

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What is modern kitchen design?

When we think of modern kitchen ideas, our imagination jumps to state-of-the-art gadgets, clean lines, and smart storage solutions. Open-plan layouts have long been the epitome of contemporary kitchen ideas, but the truth is at the heart of modern kitchen design is the individual user.

Because no two households are the same, the key to modern kitchen design is the ability to adapt. Choosing the right layout, appliances and storage solutions can instantly transform the kitchen into a multi-functional space that suits everyone and all occasions.

The beauty of modern kitchen design is that it can be implemented in homes of all shapes, sizes and ages. Typically, they have open floorplans that stretch the entire length of the room, but they also have distinct zone divisions which are subtly defined by a change in lighting, cupboards, and even worktop surfaces. And having clutter-free worktops help create that streamlined, elegant feel synonymous with modern living.

Colours and finishes for a modern kitchen

Modern kitchen ideas tend to focus on neutral colours like white, grey and black, but that doesn’t have to mean cold or clinical. In fact, adding pops of colour by way of oversized gallery walls, coloured gadgets and patterned crockery can help create a modern colour palette.

Creating a kitchen space that’s bright and feels spacious is one of the key components to modern kitchen design. To do this, bounce light around with gloss cabinets, quartz worktops and steel appliances. If you live in a period property and want to remain sympathetic to the overall aesthetic, you can stick to traditional shaker styles but give them a contemporary twist. Choose cupboards in a rich blue hue complete with industrial fittings, and pair them with white metro tiles.


Handle-less units

Contemporary kitchen ideas often feature a sleek un-cluttered aesthetic, and handle-less cabinets and drawers help create the illusion of an elongated space because there’s nothing breaking up the clean lines. The discrete grooves of the cabinetry, alongside the soft closing technology combines stye with efficient functionality.

Of course, if you’re desperate for units with handles, opt for industrial style hardware in aged metals like antique brass.

Hi-tech, efficient appliances

The teasmade and combi-microwave may once have been at the forefront of cutting-edge appliances, but today, modern kitchens are all about the seamless integration of hi-tech appliances that make our routines hassle-free.

Integrated ovens and microwaves with a stainless steel surround continue the sleek and seamless feel, while induction hobs win out over traditional stoves. Of course, no modern kitchen should go without an integrated coffee machine, wine cooler, or smart tap. And if you really want to induce two thousand and late vibes, invest in a smart fridge - helping you shop for food, track expiry dates, get recipe inspiration and much more.

Smart storage

A key feature of contemporary kitchen ideas is they embrace minimalism, but understand that modern households contain lots of stuff; and that’s where smart storage solutions come in. From hidden larders with deep storage cupboards and drawers, to clever corner units. Drawers designed for pots and pans, integrated appliances, even pull out cupboards. We have a whole host of solutions to make sure appliances and ingredients can be kept out of the way, while remaining close at hand.

Modern kitchen ideas should embrace busy modern life, but offer the solutions for hiding the chaos and elicit an oasis of calm.

Hammonds magic corner kitchen storage pull out

Modern lighting options

Modern kitchens are the hub of every home, from home-offices to homework stations, classic cooking to all-out entertaining, and as such different lighting types are required to the modern kitchen’s various roles.

Pendant lights are not only efficient, they can take on the appearance of a modern art piece, while plinth lighting under cabinets creates a soft glow. After dark, you can turn your kitchen into the perfect place for entertaining with soft downlights, and low level multi-coloured strip lights to really set the mood.

If you’re ready to see how Hammonds can transform your old kitchen into a contemporary kitchen that effortlessly combines form and function, with style and sophistication, you can book a free design visit today.


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