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How to design your ideal L-shaped kitchen | Hammonds


Design ideas for L-shaped kitchens. Interior design tips to help you create the kitchen of your dreams with the help of Hammonds

L-shaped kitchen ideas: How to design your ideal L-shaped kitchen

Over the last few decades kitchens have been designed in all shapes and sizes. The post-war era saw kitchens move to the front of the house so mums could watch their children play in the streets, the 80s and 90s saw galley kitchens become a la mode. In the 00s it was all about open-plan living spaces. While 2020 has seen us shift back to enjoying separate living spaces, but this time the kitchen is very much at the heart of the home.

The design that’s made all this possible? The L-shaped kitchen.

What is an L-shaped kitchen?

Consisting of two walls of fitted worktops and units at a perpendicular angle, L-shaped kitchen layouts suit both large and small spaces and can easily be adapted to suit your home. Using the corner spaces, the L-shape allows for a free-flow of traffic through the kitchen, without obstructing work areas.

In smaller rooms, L-shaped kitchen interior design sees a shorter run of units in the bottom L shape. This is often the spot chosen for the hob, or if under a window then the kitchen sink takes pride of place, while L-shaped kitchen interior design in larger spaces can see any length of units, and often features a large island or dining table in the centre.

L-shaped kitchen

Benefits of L-shaped kitchen interior design

The great thing about L-shaped kitchen interior design is it can be incorporated into almost any kitchen, helping to create an open-plan feeling. L-shaped kitchens allow for greater floor space – perfect for creating a sociable area, without compromising on storage space.

They’re especially suited to small kitchens and studios where U-shaped kitchens or galley kitchens may have previously been considered. The L-shaped design allows for more movement and elicits a feeling of space.

L-shaped kitchens are equally having a bit of a moment in larger spaces. One of the main benefits of the L-shaped design is that it creates a warm and welcoming area, made more comfortable with the addition of a dining area or breakfast bar – or both!

Of course, the benefit of designing your L-shaped kitchen from scratch means that it can be fully customisable and adapted to suit your lifestyle. Whether you’re a fan of entertaining, enjoy creating culinary masterpieces, or it’s the homework hub of the house, there are no shortage of L-shaped kitchen configurations for you to choose from.   

The ‘working triangle’ layout for L-shaped kitchen interior design

Ideally the three key kitchen elements – oven, sink, and fridge - should be located in a triangle shape for ultimate efficiency. The L-shape will flatten the triangle, with two appliances sitting on one wall, whilst still ensuring the key elements are within easy, workable reach.

If you’re willing to tear up the rule book, there is a new school of thought that suggests designing your kitchen around activity zones. Think about the sequence of events in the kitchen and design in a clockwise (or anti-clockwise) fashion around that sequence. For example, for unloading the dishwasher you’ll want to store your crockery nearby for ultimate effectiveness, and pots and pans should be close to your hob, with bottles of oil and spices in a drawer or cupboard close by too.

L-shaped kitchen ideas to maximise storage

A kitchen island is the easiest way to create additional storage and worktop space, but if there isn’t room for a kitchen island, floor-to-ceiling cabinets and clever corner storage solutions will help to keep space free from clutter.

Pantry larder cupboard designs are ideal for creating a country chic feel, and can be used to store food stuffs, condiments, and depending on the depth, they can even hide appliances like toasters and microwaves helping to leave worktops free for food prep.

hammonds pantry larder for kitchen storage

Design ideas for L-shaped kitchens

Choosing the right colour scheme for an L-shaped kitchen can depend on the amount of natural light available in the space and the size of the L-shaped kitchen. Let the natural light reflect in the room with bright coloured kitchen cabinetry. Muted hues create a country casual feel, and natural wood grain creates a twist on a traditional look.

If the kitchen is dark or has low ceilings, as is often found in older cottage properties, the top row of cupboards can be replaced with open shelving made from stained or reclaimed wood helping create that homely feel. The open shelves help to draw the eye up, ensuring the room still feels light and airy. 

For smaller L-shaped kitchens, gloss kitchen cabinets reflect the light and give the illusion of more space, while large open plan L-shaped kitchens offer a more welcoming feel compared to some closed U-shaped kitchen designs. L-shaped kitchens in larger spaces allow room for an island or dining table and really helps to cement the kitchen as the hub of the home.

If you want to see more design ideas for L-shaped kitchens then get in touch with us today to book a free design visit. We can show you how we can transform your old kitchen and make all your kitchen wishes comes true.


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