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How to improve the feng shui in your bedroom | Hammonds


Here are some of our feng shui bedroom decorating ideas to help bring a sense of balance not only to your bedroom but your life as well.

As a personal space for rest and romance, the bedroom is perhaps the primary room in the home in which harnessing the power of feng shui will have the most positive impact on your life. The Chinese have been following the principles of feng shui for over six thousand years.

According to ancient teachings, everyone and everything has an energy current and we have the capability to harness this current and affect our lives in both a positive and negative way. While we’re sleeping, we’re in a ‘passive state’, and it is when we’re in this ‘passive state’ that we’re most affected by a room’s energy, known as qi.

We’ve created this guide to show you how to improve feng shui in your bedroom to help you revitalise your life force energy, also known as chi.

What is a feng shui bedroom?

The ancient Chinese philosophy of feng shui is built around the idea that all life is connected with the environment around it. Everyone has a life force, or chi, and harnessing the power of feng shui will help the energy to freely flow. The word ‘feng’ means wind, and the ‘shui’ means water. Together these symbolise the flow of life that we should aspire to have in our home to help us find balance.

The main aim of feng shui is to introduce positive changes into your living and working environments, which can also bring about other positive changes in your health and wellbeing. Because the sleep space is one of the most important places in the home, it’s important you learn how to improve the feng shui in your bedroom properly to feel its full benefits.

Decorating and layout tips: The bed

Your bed should be a comfortable distance from the door, but not directly opposite it, and should ideally face the room’s entrance so you can have a clear view of anyone entering.

The bed should be lifted off the ground to allow energy to circulate freely underneath, with a solid and supportive headboard behind. Of course, these rules can be bent based on your own space. But the two rules you should avoid breaking are sharing a bed wall with a bathroom wall and sleeping directly beneath beams. This is because bathrooms are regarded as a place where energy leaves the home, and beams can create an oppressive and heavy sort of energy.

Decorating and layout tips: The colour scheme

Some colours are understood to promote rest and sensuality more than others. As a general rule, stick to earth and skin tones, such as off-white, brown and peach. You can then bring in colours that will help attract the type of energy that matches your intentions.

If you’re looking to create a spark in a relationship or want to bring a bit more vibrancy to your life, you might want to bring in a deep colour that is fiery and will help bring a lot of energy to a space. But be careful, too much vibrancy can affect your sleep. Use soft furnishings to help bring in the pops of colour, and this will make it easier to change if you want to bring a more calm, serene energy to your room.

Classic grey fitted furniture

Decorating and layout tips: Use pairs

In feng shui, pairs are thought to promote loving, harmonious energy, and there’s no better place to implement this energy than in the bedroom. A symmetrical room represents balanced energy, and balance is something you can feel instinctively. And that balanced feeling is calming and grounding.

If you have space for nightstands there should be one on either side of the bed. Whilst they don’t need to match, there does need to be some harmony to help bring a sense of balance.

Decorating and layout tips: Declutter

Decluttering can help burn through lingering negative energy; this is because clutter blocks the flow of positive energy and all the glowing vitality and great feelings that come with it.

Avoid clutter under the bed as that can cause unnecessary stress. It is believed that storing unwanted things can be like ‘sleeping on problems’. Use fitted bedroom furniture to help give everything else a rightful home, but pick furniture that is a neutral colour or made from a natural material.

Libretto Matt White Silver Frosted

Final feng shui tips

Mirrors are seen as being able to reflect (and effectively multiply) things in your home, so to harness the good energy that a mirror can bring, it should be placed so that it reflects a beautiful view and not a load of clutter. They should never be hung above or facing the bed as they cultivate yang energy – the energy of movement, rather than yin energy – the energy of restfulness.

Where possible you should remove electronic devices and switch off plugs to avoid producing an excess of artificial energy.

From kundalini yoga to acupuncture, reiki to gong baths, we’ve started to harness the power of these ancient practices to help us with our daily lives. If you’re ready to implement some of our feng shui bedroom decorating ideas and want to see how we can help, book a free visit with one of our experienced designers today.


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