How To Make A Xmas Bauble Wreath

How to Make a Bauble Wreath

Sarah Slimm, interior designer shows us how to make a Christmas bauble wreath in the new Croft kitchen in Hammonds Leamington Spa.

The nights have officially drawn in and we have the perfect cosy craft to get you into the Christmas spirit. 

You will need:

Baubles (approximately 60)

Wire coat hanger

Wire cutters & pliers

Hot glue gun 




Oasis wire (to wrap around foliage)

The baubles need to be of at least two different sizes (smaller ones help to fill gaps). It's a good idea to get them in to some sort of order beafore you start threading as it takes longer to untwist if you run out of one colour. 

 how to make a wreath Step one:Take your wire coat hanger, untwist the end and bend into a circle shape. It's a good idea to twist off the caps on the baubles and glue together for extra strength, just in case they ping off as you start treading and adjusting. how to make a wreath Step 2:Twist the two ends together carefully with pliers. how to make a wreath Step 3:Make a bow with some ribbon to hide the wire at the top and add a little foliage to finish off the wreath.  And here you have it, the finished to make a wreath 

Sarah demonstrates how to make a Christmas wreath in the new Croft fitted kitchen in the Leamington Spa store. All new Hammonds fitted kitchens are handcrafted in Hinckley, Leicestershire from the finest quality materials.

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