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How to organise your kitchen cupboards | Hammonds

Croft kitchen with pan storage cupboard

Creating a quality kitchen environment starts with the basics. Take our advice on how to organise your kitchen cupboards for the better.

How to organise your kitchen cupboards

If you’ve spent any time around the Hammonds brand, you’ll know our obsession with the concept of effective storage in the home and the positive impact it can have on your lifestyle. Thus, when we talk about reorganising the kitchen cupboards, we aren’t just talking about moving a few bits around during a quick clean, but completely optimising your kitchen storage space so you can get the absolute most from it possible.

Especially when dealing with smaller kitchen spaces, what you do with your cupboards can make a huge difference to the space you have. With that in mind, we’ve put together our top kitchen cupboard organisation ideas into one handy list, so you can ensure the foundations of your kitchen layout are rock solid.

Declutter first

The first thing to do is that deep spring clean you’ve been putting off. Give yourself a day to clear out your cupboards to the point that they’re completely bare and start filtering out the bits and pieces you no longer need. Just as if you were clearing out your bedroom wardrobe, this is a time to be clinical – but it is a bit easier throwing away food you didn’t know existed than a jumper you think you might wear again!

Once you’ve got rid of all the expired food, old and broken pans and crockery, and cleared out any duplicate items, you’ll likely be blown away by just how much space you’ve created. Before you put the items you’re keeping back, make sure to do a thorough clean of all your storage spaces.

Invest in smart storage

We’re extremely passionate when it comes to storage, and our expertise lies in creating better, more intelligent and smartly modular storage solutions. One of our first pieces of advice to any customer looking to expand their space within the room they have is to consider smart storage. It can revolutionise your kitchen layout. Smart storage can mean anything from little touches like cutlery draw liners and compact containers through to a complete overhaul of your cupboards.

Our LeMans low-level corner pull-out cupboards, double tandem larders and magic corner pull-outs are just a few organisation concepts that can transform your room. If you’re wondering how to organise your corner kitchen cupboards or how to organise deep kitchen cupboards, introducing smart storage is a truly contemporary and highly effective answer.

Organise cupboards by zones

The contents of your cupboards should be organised efficiently to encourage efficient use. That means categorising items and sticking them together in certain areas, so you know exactly what is where when you need it. Think about storage height in relation to the items you’re putting away – for example, it makes sense to keep heavier pots and pans down low in your bottom cupboards while cook books and food are better at eye level.

Of course, you may have your own usability preferences in terms of what should go where but making sure similar items can be found together will make everyday use of your kitchen a lot easier.

Consider accessibility

As part of those sorting plans, you’ll also want to think about making the items you use the most the ones that are the easiest to access. Everyday items should take precedence in terms of location in your kitchen, while those occasional-use items and appliances should take a back seat. Don’t be afraid to use the inside of cupboard doors where necessary to have things to hand, and make sure the items the kids use are easily reachable.

On the other side of that coin, pay some thought to safety in your organisation and be careful when storing more dangerous equipment. Just as you want your child friendly items to be comfortably within reach of the kids, you also want your breakables, knives and other hazardous pieces to be out of site and inaccessible to the little ones. Using your high and low cabinets accordingly in this situation will be key.

Maintain your organisation

Now that you’ve put all the hard work into your kitchen cupboard organisation ideas, you’d best make sure you keep it that way. The good news is you’ve got the big stuff out of the way and from this point on it’s just a case of putting into place a few regular upkeep rules to keep things as they are.

First, make sure everyone in the family knows where everything goes and buys into keeping the kitchen in the wonderful state you’ve created (easier said than done, we know). As for staying on top of things, we’d recommend a big declutter, as described above, once or twice a year to ensure you’ve only got what you need in your cupboards.

Let us help you create a kitchen to be proud of

Building you dream kitchen starts with the basics, which is why it’s important to have your kitchen storage working at its best. We don’t just specialise in that, though. Indeed, we can help you build your ideal kitchen space from top to bottom.

To find out more, you have three options. Order a design brochure to see more of our collections, book a design visit with an expert or visit your nearest showroom to see our kitchen outfit and storage solutions first hand.


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