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Kitchen extension ideas | Hammonds

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Want to create more space in the heart of your home? Here are some kitchen extension ideas for you to consider.

Kitchen extension ideas to make the most of extra space

Whether you’re wanting to expand your space or have been thinking about moving home, having a kitchen extension could add value and save you money in the long run. From creating the perfect space for entertaining friends and family to designing an area tailored more towards cooking up a culinary storm, we’ve pulled together some of our top kitchen extension ideas to help you decide what the heart of your home should look like.

Create an open-plan kitchen diner

Knocking down walls to connect multiple areas and create one room for cooking and dining will allow you to have a much larger space for spending quality time with your loved ones. Open-plan kitchen dining spaces offer great family locations with plenty of room for eating, drinking, playing and socialising.

You could even adopt a living area too if you have the room, creating one of the most multi-functional spaces a home can have.

Let light in with a skylight

The way your extension faces may alter the amount of natural light that can enter. Adding one or multiple skylights can allow light to flood back in effortlessly. Whether you opt for an orangery style extension or something with less window span, skylights are kitchen extension roof ideas that can bring brightness back into your space.

Highlight structural features

Whether you’ve got beams already in place or need to have an RSJ put in to support a wall you may be knocking out, making features out of structural aspects can really help to enhance your space. Don’t hide them behind fake walls or décor, as this can sometimes make your room appear smaller.

If you’re going for an industrial look, why not think about having any steel elements of your extension polished up so they can become a focal point. Or, if you’re going for something a little more rustic, why not smarten up your existing beams or have false ones put in for character.

Connect with the outdoors

Adding a kitchen extension is a great opportunity to connect to the outdoors. The easiest way to do this is by adding large glass bi-fold doors that open out onto your garden, creating the ultimate al-fresco dining area.

To create more of a connection you could even add some plants and natural materials to the inside of your space, truly bringing the outside in.

Go bold with colour

Another of our top kitchen extension ideas is to be bold with your colours. Although dark shades can make a small space feel cramped, more intense colours can really bring your much larger space to life!

Always wanted a navy or deep green kitchen? Then go for it! Whether you choose to paint your walls or have coloured cabinets instead, now is the perfect time to be brave where bold colours are concerned.

Create a pantry

Storage is every kitchen lover’s dream. If you’ve been struggling for places to house your dried and tinned food, bulky appliances or even your cleaning supplies, why not factor in a pantry when you’re considering kitchen extension layout ideas.

If you have an existing space to transform then even better – a walk-in room to house a well-stocked pantry is every foodie’s dream. Make sure you’re ready to bake sweet treats or create mouth-watering dishes at the drop of a hat.

Add an island

Thanks to all the new space created by your kitchen extension, you may be wondering what to fill it with. You know it makes sense to add an island, as they’re ideal for a number of different things. From additional food-prep areas to space for entertaining and socialising, an island of any size can bring so much more to your kitchen extension.

Create a separate utility room

Just like a pantry, having a utility room is on many people’s wish list when they’re looking at kitchen extension ideas. Regardless of whether you’re doing a load of washing once a day or once a week, having the machine running while you’re trying to do other things can be annoying.

Having a separate utility room can help to reduce the noise of your washer and dryer, and it’ll also help to keep mess out of your cooking and living areas. Opting for built-in cupboards and shelves allows you to store your laundry and cleaning products out of the way, as well as surplus food if you need to.

Book a design visit with Hammonds and let us help you plan your dream kitchen extension

If you’re looking for kitchen extension ideas then come to the experts. We can help you with a number of kitchen extension layout ideas, whether it’s a galley or U-shape, as well as with the overall design and finish of your space. Our team will take you through the options available, including everything like handles and even innovative storage solutions.

Ready to start turning your kitchen dreams into a reality? Get in touch with our expert team today to book a design visit.


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