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Kitchen wall décor ideas | Hammonds

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Decorating your kitchen walls is an easy and affordable way to make your space look stylish. Use our kitchen wall décor ideas to nail your kitchen aesthetic. 

Kitchen wall décor ideas

When it comes to modern kitchen designs, many of us value the look and feel of the space just as much as its practicality. Building your kitchen, however, can be a pricey affair, meaning it can be tough to get everything you want from an aesthetic and practical standpoint included in your design.

One affordable and easy way to put your creative stamp on your kitchen is by incorporating some wall décor, which can be used to add some colour, texture and personalisation to break up an otherwise blank canvas. If it’s an effective but pocket-friendly design you’re looking for, try out these kitchen wall décor ideas for size.

A wall mural

Feature walls are a staple of interior design, often found as the centrepiece of living rooms or bedrooms. However, introducing one in your kitchen will work just as well, and kitchen wall murals are a great way to do this. If you’re not clear on what a mural is, it’s a piece of artwork directly applied to the wall, so not a hung piece but rather a painted or wallpapered design on the wall itself.

Kitchen wall murals offer you a wide range of design options that extend beyond the scope of more conventional kitchen wall paint ideas. From audacious prints to photographic themes, they’re one of the better solutions for those who really want to inject a personal sense of style into their kitchen design.

Your favourite photos

Many photo-themed kitchen wall murals tend to feature a singular, general shot – say a picturesque city skyline or a rolling landscape. If you like that idea but would prefer to delve into more personal territory, you can go for a photo wall instead. Simply pick your favourite photos, find some pretty frames and get hanging!

A photo wall is a great idea for owners who want to give pride of place to their most treasured memories and people. Those can be pictures from time spent travelling the world, or simply your favourite family shots from over the years. Photo walls that utilise frames also offer a bit of texture to your kitchen design, which will help break up the uniformity of the space.

Statement wall art

Another bold choice and another great option for disrupting a space, statement wall art can be installed in any subtly coloured kitchen design. A statement wall presents you with an opportunity to go out and find some handmade, custom and completely unique art that will become the focal point of your kitchen. If you’re someone who likes to host, this is a great design concept for establishing a talking point with your guests, too.

A large clock

An easy but highly effective choice, make your wall décor more timekeeping than time consuming by introducing a large clock. A long-time favourite of kitchen designers, a clock can double as an art piece and a practical feature. Just be careful not to go over the top on the novelty factor – your clock should offer a tasteful design that complements the oversized scale.

Great for hanging and keeping an eye on the time while you’re cooking.

Gallery picture wall

A best-of-both concoction from the photograph and statement wall ideas, your gallery picture wall will offer up a variety of your favourite art pieces to create a unique and engaging display. Be sure to use different sizes of framing to accentuate various pieces and take care in your spacing to ensure a cohesive layout.

Your favourite souvenirs

Again, inspired by the photo collage but adopting a more unique angle, installing your favourite mementos from travels and life experiences will give your wall décor a distinct feel and aura that you’ll love walking into every day. Taking on this sort of approach can also add an extra sense of purpose to your future adventures, as you’ll be able to add to your design with any more souvenirs you acquire down the line.

Displaying mementos also opens you up to a number of design layouts – you may want to showcase them on some open shelving or instead choose a hanging display. A truly personal design concept, but also a dynamic and potentially ever-changing one too.


Kitchen wall décor ideas are all about putting your own stamp on things. Each of the suggestions above, from kitchen wall paint ideas to featuring personal treasures, encourage a real sense of individuality in your design, which should make the inspiration for your dream kitchen that little bit easier.

If you think this might be the direction you want to take or you are still struggling for inspiration, we’d love to help out. Book a design visit with Hammonds today and see how we can shape your kitchen into your ideal space.


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