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The must-have products you need to create an organised kitchen | Hammonds

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Get your kitchen working at full power with our handy and effective kitchen organisation ideas.

The must-have products you need to create an organised kitchen

If the kitchen is your domain, then chances are you’re a stickler for keeping it properly organised. As the heart of the home and the busiest room in the house, it’s essential that you’ve got everything in your kitchen tidy and ordered – not only for the smooth running of the household, but likely your sanity as well!

Proud kitchen owners are always on the lookout for any nifty tips and tricks that can add a bit of neatness to the space. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of our best kitchen organisation ideas for subtle storage and clever cleanliness alike.

Wine rack

When you’re thinking about how to organise your kitchen, it’s best to start with the most important items first, so where else to begin but with wine? The trusty wine rack is a common staple of the modern kitchen, and even if fermented grapes aren’t really your thing, they can be utilised for more than just bottles of vino.

Not only a practical solution but also an aesthetically pleasing design element, you can use your wine rack to stack up your best bottles in a convenient but classy manner. If you’re a bit of a wine connoisseur with a few nice vintages to your name, your rack can even be used as a focal point and a conversation starter for any similarly passionate guests.

Pull-out cupboards

If you’re sick of tip-toeing and contorting to reach some of the more tucked away items, it’s worth considering how to organise your kitchen cupboards efficiently and, more specifically, what sort of cupboards you’re using. Pull-out cupboards are a godsend for kitchen users who struggle with tightly packed, deep or high storage units, making them a popular choice in newer, more modularly astute kitchen designs.

Pull-out cupboards are essentially cupboards on drawer rails, allowing you to pull the entire cupboard rack out rather than send a wandering arm in. A storage solution that provides a big accessibility benefit to all ages, pull-out cupboards are a big time and stress saver and a worthy investment for the long term.

Pantry larder

As much a design move as a practical one, a kitchen pantry provides a tasteful and diversified storage solution for kitchens of all sizes. Your typical larder will employ various storage methods, incorporating shelving, drawers and racks to offer you a jack-of-all-trades home for all sorts of kitchen staples.

Your pantry larder can be tailored to your room’s size and shape, which is why it’s a universally sound choice for those looking for extra organisation in the kitchen.

Plate rack

Ever find the plate or bowl you need is the one second from bottom under a heavy pile of crockery? Yes, we’ve all been there, and while it’s only a mild pain in the backside, you can boost the organisation of your best china with the help of a plate rack.

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, from a basic plastic three-tier option through to a wall-mounted individual plate holder, incorporating a plate rack into your kitchen space can mean anything from a simple hideaway solution to a standout part of your kitchen design. That much depends on the layout of your room and the value you put on your crockery, but you’ll never have to worry about digging for the right plate again.

Under-sink organiser

The unruly jungle of virtually every kitchen, an unloved under-sink area can become a treacherous assault course of cloths and cleaning products, dishwasher tablets and generally all sorts of junk that accumulates there over time. Instead of having everything lumped into one big basket, why not invest in an under-sink organiser that will bring some very welcome method to the madness down there?

Typically cheap and simple in their make-up but highly effective, your under-sink organiser will become the best friend you never knew you needed, getting rid of any hidden mess and helping you access all of your cleaning bits with ease. You might even find some products down there that you haven’t seen in years!

Pull-out bins

Following in the same smarter storage footsteps as pull-out cupboards, pull-out bins are an extension of that concept that offer a space for your waste instead of your kitchen items. Pull-out bins offer a variety of benefits, removing the need for a standalone bin in the open kitchen space, providing a neat cove for both your standard and recyclable waste and taking away a potentially less desirable item from your front-of-house design.

They’re also more hygienic than your average bin, with any harmful bacteria and general nastiness better hidden away, which is of course beneficial to the whole family.

Glass jars

The ideal pantry pal, glass jars are an awesome solution on both aesthetic and practical grounds. Sort your food essentials such as pasta, rice, cereal, flour, sugar and nuts into labelled glass jars and you can create the pantry of your dreams, not to mention a nicely organised and easily accessed set of goods that’ll save you time when cooking.

Stackable food containers

Food containers are the socks of the kitchen world. It doesn’t seem to matter how many you buy, they keep disappearing without a trace. To counter that, invest in some stackable food containers that will keep all of them in one handy place. Stackable food containers are great for keeping your food fresh, and their ergonomic design makes them a big space saver in the fridge, on the side or in the cupboard.


There are plenty of nifty kitchen organisation ideas out there to help keep your favourite space looking and working at its best. If you’re seeking inspiration on how to organise your kitchen or how to organise your kitchen cupboards in your next revamp, book a design visit with Hammonds and let us help you figure out how to get the most from your kitchen layout.


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