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Recipe for success: Ideas To Organise Your Kitchen For Healthy Eating

Ideas to organise your kitchen for healthy eating

Professional Organiser and APDO member, Jules Langford from Cluttered To Cleared, shares her advice to keep meal times healthy during the colder months ahead.

Guest blogger Jules Langford

Many of us would like our families to eat better, especially during the winter months.  A healthy diet can be a great way to stay fit and fight off those coughs and colds but achieving it can be hard nut to crack.  

One way you can make it easier is by organising your kitchen.   

1.    Cooking is easier in a clutter-free kitchen.  Clear off the counters and keep out only what you use regularly.  Throw out duplicate utensils, out-of-date food, and anything you never use, like that fancy cut-glass trifle bowl. When you buy a new kitchen, chose one with lots of storage so you can give everything a home. 

2.    Encourage healthy snacking by keeping a fruit bowl on the counter and chopped vegetables and low-sugar yogurt in the fridge. Swap regular snacks for healthier options, such as substituting rice cakes for biscuits or nuts for sweets.

3.    You don’t need to cut out your old favourites altogether, just cut down.  But if you find this hard to swallow, try stashing them at the back of a cupboard or the top shelf.  The extra effort needed to reach the cookies and crisps might just stop you indulging.  

4.    Got a lot on your plate?  Being busy doesn’t have to mean eating badly. Batch cook meals for the freezer, and you can still have nutritious warming chilli con carne and casseroles on the days you come home too tired to cook.

5.     Is wondering what to feed your family every day giving you indigestion? Menu planning is a great way to make sure you stick to a healthy diet. It can also save you time, money and stress so give it a go.

So, get your kitchen organised with my tasty tips, and you’ll soon be enjoying the sweet taste of success.  


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Jules Langford is a professional declutterer and member of APDO (Association of professional declutterers and organisers) helping individuals create a calm and relaxing atmosphere in their overcrowded homes.

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