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Social kitchen ideas | Hammonds

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With the kitchen becoming an ever more popular hosting space, we’ll walk you through the best kitchen layouts for entertaining family and friends.

Social kitchen ideas: How to create a space that’s ideal for entertaining

For many homeowners, treating the kitchen as simply a food preparation area is a long out-dated concept. The modern kitchen is not only a place where the cooking gets done, but also a social space which can play a key role in providing quality time for families and hosting events for friends.

With the addition of just a few key features and tweaks, you can transform your kitchen from a single-purpose area to a multifunctional hosting space. And with normality hopefully on the brink of returning in 2021, we’re sure you’ll be keener than ever to make the most of such a space with a variety of dinner parties and gatherings. Here are six of the best kitchen layouts for entertaining that will make yours a desirable hosting setting.

Go open plan

While, from a practical point of view, many people like to keep their kitchen separate from the rest of the home, an open-plan kitchen layout that connects to other areas of the home is perfect for more social settings. An open-plan kitchen-diner frees up multiple areas of your home and allows you to socialise with guests while preparing the food and drinks through the evening.

Not only will this make you an attentive and involved host, but it’ll also whet your guests’ appetites for your cooking from the comfort of a more relaxed environment like the living area.

Incorporate a multifunctional island

Kitchen islands are highly versatile installations that can provide users with a multitude of solutions from the practical to the design based. The beauty of a kitchen island is it can provide a great social spot while also being an additional food preparation or storage area. This will allow you to get your friends and family up close and personal while you get to work as host – in the meantime they can sit comfortably and enjoy some snacks you’ve laid out on your handy kitchen island centrepiece.

Create a coherent flow

Creating a good “flow” is a popular feature of modern home design as a whole – not just in the kitchen. By creating a coherent flow, we mean offering up different zones for distinct activities and purposes in and around your kitchen. This allows your guests to comfortably access and enjoy the different areas of your home.

A kitchen with coherency should offer smooth transition between the cooking, dining, living and outdoor spaces in your home. In the kitchen itself, the flow should extend to defining the four, and in your case, five, key areas, those being cooking, food preparation, the sink, storage and social. If you’re building a new kitchen, make sure to consult with an expert on how to create an efficient layout that also offers social appeal.

Choose the right appliances

Social kitchen ideas require socially suitable kitchen appliances. What we mean by this is the appliances you choose should help to create or, in some cases, not disrupt the social environment. That means picking items that remove lingering smells, operate quietly and generally make hosting that bit easier.

Examples of socially adept appliances include the likes of warming drawers, wine coolers and (quiet) coffee machines. Whenever you are preparing to host an event, bear in mind the appliances you’ll need to use, or could use, and consider how best they can make a positive impact on the evening.

Install smart storage

Of course, while you’re trying to a build a social paradise within your kitchen, it’s important to remember it is still primarily a functional space for creating the food and drink that will play a key role in your event. Because of that, you can’t ignore the practical elements and items required to make your evening, and that’s where smart storage comes in to save the day.

With smart storage incorporated into your layout, your kitchen can both be a welcoming social setting and provide the practical tools necessary, without having the latter get in the way. Our integral smart storage solutions will help keep your surfaces free from clutter and optimise your preparations, all while your guests are comfortable and enjoying their evening.

Create varied lighting options

A key part of the perfect dinner party is creating a desirable and enticing aesthetic. This is especially important in a kitchen, where more sterile tones often form part of the design. One of our favourite design tips for kitchens is incorporating dynamic and varied lighting options that can be adjusted to suit the mood or occasion.

Hanging a group of pendant lights over your kitchen island or dining area will create a suave design feature that’ll both set the tone of the space and get your guests talking.

With the social kitchen becoming the new norm in many modern home designs, social kitchen ideas like those above are becoming increasingly popular. Maximising the space your kitchen afford is a sure-fire way to ensure your dinner parties start on a strong footing. It’ll also make your kitchen a nicer environment to spend time in, even when it’s just you enjoying it.

If you want to know more about the best kitchen layouts for entertaining and how you could incorporate one of them into your home, why not book a design visit and see what possibilities our experts come up with?


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