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Summer's hottest venue: Your Kitchen!

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Professional Organiser and APDO member, Jules Langford from Cluttered To Cleared, gives us her tips to perfectly plan for the best kitchen summer party.

Guest blogger Jules Langford

Long, summer evenings and entertaining are made for each other. And a well-designed kitchen, with lots of cleverly-designed storage, is the ideal venue.  
Let's look at some ideas for planning the perfect summer supper party. 

Plan and Prepare

The more you do in advance, the less stress on the day. So do as much preparation as you can the weekend before. Plan your menu around food that can be frozen.  It will taste just as good on the day.  
Check your stock of serving bowls, crockery and glasses.  Catering companies have beautiful ranges you can hire.  And they do the washing up! 
If time is tight, treat yourself and hire a cleaner to get your home guest-ready and looking great. 
Do you need extra tables and seats? No-one enjoys juggling plates, glasses and forks. 

Food glorious food

Keep it simple but insist on top quality. Your guests want a happy hostess, not fancy food. 
Buffets are perfect for stress-free entertaining. Forget who's gone vegan, who's on the Low Carb Diet and who hates olives. Just put the food out and let them please themselves. 
A selection of bread, cheese, salads, quiches, a couple of hot dishes, fresh fruit and a simple dessert is plenty. 
Avoid anything that requires flipping, stirring or keeping chilled. Leave soufflé for another time!
Consider asking guests to bring the salads or desserts. Keen cooks love a chance to show off their skills. 

On the day

Set the table early. Put the buffet and the drinks table on opposite sides of the room to avoid log-jams. Both should be away from the seating areas. 
Label food and say whether it's veggie/vegan. Otherwise, you may find yourself answering the same question a hundred times before dessert come out. 
A table for guests to stack their used plates, glasses and cutlery and a big bin for paper napkins will keep chaos at bay.
Remember to put out extra supplies of loo rolls, soap and hand towels. It's not glamorous, but it will keep your party running smoothly. 
Finally, choose an outfit you feel fabulous in. You're the star of the show so make sure you look and feel it!


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