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U Shaped Kitchens


A popular choice down to its efficiency, find out more about U-shaped kitchen designs

The U-shaped kitchen is a popular kitchen design. It involves three sides of cabinetry, one edge and the short side of the U often facing walls and the other can be either closed too or it can incorporate a breakfast bar leaving one edge open to kitchen diner possibilities. The distinct U-shape makes the most of the space available while ensuring the area doesn’t feel too crowded. 

Is a U-shaped kitchen right for your home?

Take a look at the size of space you have available to you. Often a U-shaped kitchen is a logical option for a small kitchen. Another option to consider if where the window is located. A U-shaped kitchen can have more costs associated to it as there is more cabinetry involved in comparison to an L shaped kitchen, however because of this more clever storage can be incorporated within. 

U-shaped kitchen design

With a U-shaped kitchen, it is important that key fitted appliances such as the hob or cooker and the fridge are distanced apart nicely from the sink to avoid overcrowding of hot-spot areas. For a large U-shaped kitchen design, leave one side open to a kitchen diner or incorporate one edge of the worktop into a breakfast bar. This will make for a more harmonious kitchen design layout. 


Often a window at the bottom of the U-shaped kitchen makes for a beautiful feature, placing the sink at this end to gaze out of the window while washing up. What’s more, a window at this end will let in natural light. Alternatively, a window along the edge could let in more sunlight as the window may be bigger. 

If a window isn’t an option at the bottom of the U shape, then this is often the perfect place for a hob. These features create symmetry which is aesthetically pleasing for any home owner and cook. 

U-shaped kitchen storage

U-shaped kitchens offer the maximum amount of storage available because of three runs of cabinetry as apart from two with galley kitchen or L-shaped kitchen layouts. Make the most of this space with clever storage solutions like magic corner cupboards with swing out shelves, perfect for storing pots and pans. Fit bulky items like microwaves within the cabinetry so as to reduce worktop clutter.  

mrs robinsons real room hammonds croft kitchen version 3

U-shaped kitchen ideas

Not only is layout something to consider with a fitted U-shaped kitchen, get to know the kitchen cabinetry style and colour available. Take a look at classic shaker style designs with an up to date painted finish in a contemporary colour for a timeless finish. The Highbury and Croft suit this style beautifully. Or if you’re after something a little more contemporary, discover the smooth cabinet door style of Liverton with a sleek J handle.

Feeling inspired? Why not book a design visit to see how a U-shaped kitchen design will work for your own home.  


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