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Mo Khan

Sales Department

Regional Sales Manager

Started 3 years ago

“I manage 20 designers within the Southern region. I allocate design visits to them; set targets and then report and monitor these targets. I deal with many different aspects from improving sales to people management most importantly I work to ensure our customers’ expectations are met and they receive the bedroom of their dreams.  

Every day is different. One day I am office based, the next day I’m out in the field supporting my team. I have to be adaptable as I am dealing with all walks of life. 

I love the fact that Hammonds’ is a family run business. So instead of feeling lost in the system I feel valued, listened to and an integral part of the business. Everyone knows who you are and we are all in it together.

The most unique aspect is the product - it’s manufactured in the UK - in a lot of other retail companies the product is outsourced. I feel proud to work for this company as it represents the Best of British.”

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Ben Powles

Retail Department

Regional Retail Manager

Started 12 years ago

“My main role is to maximise the potential of the retail staff and store locations we have within this area. The role itself is quite diverse ranging from recruitment and training through to motivation and management on the staff side to target management and sales performance all on a day to day basis. 

The great part of a regional role in Hammonds is that it does not remove the customer contact aspect, in fact it’s encouraged. Throughout the business the management team are not removed from the actual customer on the shop floor. Therefore we can see first-hand how customers respond to our products and employees. Allowing us to develop training and business aspects focused on the most important part of the company: the customer themselves.

One of my favourite aspects of the role comes through the fact we are still a family run business with many members of the Hammonds family involved in all areas of what we do. 

I started off as a Concession Manager in Bristol. Right from the outset I inundated various departments at head office with ideas to push my small part of the business forward. When you did hit on an idea that worked and you could see it being instigated it gives you a buzz that you have had a hand in moulding the business going forward. This also results in your own recognition, various additional responsibilities and the chance to develop a career through your own initiative.” 

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Liz Davey

Customer Services

Pre-Fit Manager

Started 19 years ago

“My role consists of motivating 14 team members into reaching our delivery targets per week, which equates to £70 million for the full year. I work with a systematic approach to all tasks. Such tasks involve the smooth running of each one of our customer orders, as soon as a sold order hits our system my team will book surveyors appointments then on completion of a successful survey, we plan in the installation dates driven by our weekly targets. The need to stay controlled, calm, with the ability to motivate the team is key.

Each working day is interesting, challenging and fun. The working relationship I have with my colleagues, the rapport, the friendships and mutual respect that has grown over the years is my favourite thing about working at Hammonds. 

Without having all of these things in your working life then anywhere you work would be dull – it’s far from this. Hammonds is like a Rainbow: bright, colourful, enjoyable, warm and comforting, all of our employee’s contribute to our Rainbow.”

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Katie Pettet

Head Office (Other)

Commercial Vehicle Administrator

Started 4 years ago

“I am in charge of the Commercial Vehicles at Hinckley depot and at our Regional Service Centres. I coordinate the repairs, maintenance and ensure the commercial vehicles adhere to the law.  I support the drivers by providing them with uniforms and routes, and de-briefing them at the end of their shift. Sometimes I just have to listen to the drivers as they just need that human interaction, after a long day on the road. I originally started at Hammonds doing data inputting and have progressed to this role. 

My favourite thing about Hammonds is the people and the team spirit within our department and companywide. In the team I work in there’s a variety of different people so it makes us an all-round supportive team and we step in and help each other when we can.  I really enjoy working in this Transport team. 

On a daily basis I can see how my role ensures customers receive the high quality product and service they deserve.”

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Mark Reeves

Manufacturing & Logistics

Production Operative

Started 42 years ago

“I started out in the first ever Hammonds factory. I think there were 20 of us working in there. We made free standing wardrobes fitting all the parts together from scratch. Then the company expanded into fitted furniture. I’ve had a number of different roles working across the company so I’ve seen the whole cycle. I’m now based in Hinckley and create storage for en suite bathrooms.

I have worked with a lot of characters along the way and seen the company progress. A couple of my managers’ have really stood out as they’ve had an influence in guiding me and getting me to achieve my best. I always take pride in what I do and they have had a big influence in this. 

I’ve made a lot of friends, have a lot of memories and I’ve also looked forward to coming into work. My sons now work at Hammonds now which shows how much of a positive influence the company has had on me and my family.” 

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