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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Design Service work?

01 / First, make an appointment using our online booking facility or give us a call on 0800 021 4360.

02 / Next, you’ll receive a text 24 hours before your visit as a reminder of the time we’ll arrive on the day.

03 / Now you’re all set, just leave it to our experts to find and create more storage than you ever thought possible.

04 / If you’ve booked a bedroom or home office service your designer will take you through all our samples and once you’ve made all your choices, you’ll see your room take shape with our visual 3D technology.

05 / If you’ve booked a kitchen design service, the path is slightly different to bedrooms and home office. During our first visit to your home we’ll have a chat about your thoughts and ideas, then measure the space. Our designer will arrange to meet you at your local showroom (it’s where we have all our samples and an almost endless supply of tea and biscuits) and we’ll take you through the design of your new kitchen with ArtiCAD 3D visuals.

Is there a fee for my Design Service visit?

No, our design service is completely free as is all of the expert advice and wealth of inspiration you’ll gain from the visit.

Can I cancel or re-arrange my visit?

Certainly! You can cancel or re-arrange your design visit via your confirmation email or call us on 0800 021 4360. Please try and let us know at least 24 hours in advance to allow someone else to take your slot.

How far in advance can I make an appointment?

You can book up to two weeks in advance. We have all our designers diaries present on the online booking facility. Click here to find a slot that suits you.

How long are the Design Visits?

Your design visit will last approximately 2 hours.

Can I speak to my designer multiple times?

Absolutely! After your visit the designer will leave you with all their details including e-mail address and telephone number in case you have any questions or changes you’d like to make before you purchase.

Do I have to make a purchase during my visit?

There’s no obligation to make a purchase. We’re here to inspire you, not pressure you! Think of us as a fashionable friend who can help you make great decisions (with some added expert knowledge).

I'm moving home, when should I book my visit?

We advise you wait until you’ve moved in so we can measure up properly. Our bedroom furniture is made and fitted within four weeks, so you’ll be all set before you know it!

Can I see the range I like before I buy?

Most definitely! Our store locator page has a great filter for you to find exactly what store has the range you’d personally like to view. Just click here and choose from the drop down menus.

Why should I choose Hammonds?

It’s just us from start to finish. Lots of companies manufacture their furniture as far afield as China. And the difference with Hammonds is you’re shopping local, Hinckley in Leicestershire to be precise. We’re a nationwide company who’s conscious of the footprint we leave behind. From using offcuts to heat our factory, reducing waste when we can to the 100,000s of trees we have planted over the years, we aim to reduce our impact on the environment where we can.

How we tailor-make your fitted living space

swatches illustration

1. Home design service

Interior design ideas and
space creating solutions

survery drawing illustration

2. Detailed room survey

The best craftsmen measure twice
and cut once.

wardrobe interior illustration

3. Installation

Our qualified team will take care
of every detail.