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Painted Kitchens

Being able to completely personalise the heart of the home is something many of us dream of, and with painted kitchens from Hammonds, you can turn those dreams into a reality. With so many colours available in our collection, it’s easy to create the social hub you’ve always wanted. Whether you’ve got a specific paint on your walls you’d love to complement, or you’re looking to have some cabinets one colour and the others a contrasting shade, hand painted kitchens may be the ideal solution for you.

With a carefully selected colour range, you can bring your painted Shaker kitchen to life. No matter if you’re going bold, bright or neutral, the choice is yours; you choose the style and colour, we’ll sort the rest. Ordering a bespoke hand painted kitchen has never been so effortless.

If you love the minimalistic Nordic design, opting for clean white or subtle grey painted kitchen cabinets would complete that look with ease. The heart of your home will look sensational for years to come. Feeling a little more daring? A carefully chosen deep blue or green will add a truly exquisite finish to your painted kitchen. Why not add copper or metallic handles for a luxury touch?

Why come to Hammonds for your painted kitchens?

Whether you have an L shaped, U shaped, open plan or galley kitchen, our team of expert designers and craftspeople will work with you to create the hand painted kitchen you’ve always longed for.

If you’re looking for advice on your options when it comes to a painted kitchen of any colour, why not book a design visit today and discuss the possibilities with a member of our friendly team?