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Wooden Kitchens

Warm, charming, soft and soothing, there really is nothing quite like a wooden kitchen to grace the hub of your home. With their natural elegance, solid wood kitchens can fit effortlessly into any home, no matter the finished style and aesthetic. If you’re longing for expert craftsmanship, look no further than Hammonds for your wooden kitchen design.

Thanks to their neutral colour tones, pairing wood kitchen cabinets and wood countertops with coloured wall paint or tiles is incredibly easy. You can go bold for more of a statement look, or choose muted greens and creams for a farmhouse or country-living vibe. However you choose to finish the heart of your home, opt for something truly timeless in the form of a wooden kitchen.

Long-lasting and aging like a fine wine, if you’re looking for a new kitchen with a bit of colour, one of the many benefits of solid wood kitchen cabinets and doors is that they can also be painted. So, if you ever feel as though you need a refresh, it’s relatively easy to do so.

Why come to Hammonds for your wooden kitchen?

As the heart of the home, we know just how important it is to you and your family that your solid wood kitchen cabinets are right for your life. We’ll chat through your initial thoughts with you, be there with you until your new kitchen is installed, and beyond!
Want to know more? Why not book a free design visit with one of our experienced team members, who can take you through some traditional and modern wood kitchen ideas.