b'STYLEA friend said its like the roomis giving you a hug, and shes rightMARIANNE COTTERILL Interior StylistRethink your furnitureTheres a trend for mixing fitted andFour stepsfreestanding furniture in a room toto designingmake the most of a space and makeyour spaceit personal to youfor example, a lovely chest of drawers alongside fittedSuper-stylist Marianne Cotterillwardrobes in a bedroom, or a displaygives her go-to tips.cabinet in a kitchen. In my last house,1Fix the floor If you dontI had a wall of fitted cupboards in mylike the carpet, pull it up andliving room which held the stereo,paint the floor instead. Youkids toys and all the other bits I wascan add a rug for softness andtripping over every day. It meant thestyle; rugs are like art for themain part of the room, with its squishyfloor, says Marianne.sofa and armchairs, was a really comfortable, clutter-free space totimes that bring you joyplaying2Move the furniture I likeenjoy time as a family. board games at the dining table,armchairs as you can moverelaxing in the bath, cooking up athem around to improve theSwitch up your style storm for friendsand create a homeflow of a space. Grouping themYou dont have to decorate an entirethat makes these moments happen.around a coffee table is a greatroom to give it a style refresh. IveSometimes its accidental. I have hugeway to get people talking.had my sofa for years but I update itwindows in my bedroom and decided3Sort the storage Greatwith new loose covers when I want ato make a feature of them withcabinets add a sense of styledifferent look. And dont underestimateoversized curtains and a deep pelmetin their own right and concealthe power of new cushions! Theyrein a glorious hot pink silk, lined withclutter that detracts from youra great way to pick up on a trend peach fabric. Theres a time each daydecorating scheme.geometric patterns and big, dramaticwhen the sun shines on the curtains4Get the lighting right Greatflorals are hot looks now. and the whole room glows. A friendlighting is essential. For me thatsaid its like the room is giving you ameans lamps, not overheadFind your wow moment hug, and shes right. Ive put a sofa in Homes should make you feel goodthe window bay so I can sit there lights. Choose designs that lookand a design only works if it workswith a cup of tea and just enjoy great in the day and even morefor you and your life. Think about thethe moment. beautiful when theyre lit at night.VOLUME 14 |THE WELLBEING EDITION 15'