b'NEWS & VIEWSIn everything we do, we make sure we have as little impact on the planet as possibleRICHARD HAMMONDS Managing DirectorWE HAVE PLANTED OVERALL OFF-CUTS ARE USED TOALL PACKAGING IS RECYCLED 100,000 TREES IN 10 YEARS HEAT OUR FACTORY RESPONSIBLY. BY US, NOT YOU!Whilst sourcing all of our materialsWe aim to create as little waste asWith every delivery, our drivers take from sustainable forests, weve alsopossible, so we use all productionaway every scrap of packaging to be consciously given back to the planet,off-cuts to heat our factories. Wererecycled responsibly, whether thats in planting trees to replace the ones wemaking little changes that mean weour factories or at dedicated recycling used! Weve planted over 100,000can deliver our high-quality pieces,plants. Leaving your home and the trees in just 10 years donating over with little environmental impact. environment as tidy as we can!1 million to the Woodland Trust.CARBON NEUTRALOur new edition of Moments and our brand new kitchen brochure are now carbon neutral. This conscious move saves an estimated 12 tonnes of carbon per year!* Weve also made our kitchen brochures free from single-use plastic, so you can rest peacefully knowing that were doing our bit to look after the planet.*Total figure is based on multiple print runs of Moments and Kitchen brochures throughout the year.VOLUME 14 |THE WELLBEING EDITION 17'