b'FOREWORDThe Welcome to MomentsThe silver lining for many of us living love in lockdown has been the chance to take our foot off the accelerator and slow down a little. Without the your rush of the daily commute, the dates on our social calendar and the pressure to keep up appearances (at least, not the bits out of sight of a Zoom spacecamera!) weve been able to breathe a bit deeper and just take a moment. While life outside has been filled with uncertainty, our homes havemore than everbecome our sanctuaries. edition At Hammonds, our mission is to design a home that truly feels like your happy place. Whether its bespoke bedroom furniture in calm, mood-boosting colours; turning an under-used nook into a home office; or inspiring you with creative ideas (you must take a look at the super-cute dog bed on page five), our amazing designers, stylists and craftspeople are here to turn your interior dreams and hopes for your home into a reality. Whatever the rest of 2021 brings, love your space with Hammonds.KerriKerri Amos, EditorVOLUME 16 |THE LOVE YOUR SPACE EDITION 3'