b'NewFOREWORDyear. Welcome to MomentsThe start of a new year always fills me with anticipation. Its a time to re-energise after the Christmas festivities, make plans for the months aheadand maybe even keep a few resolutions! I know many of you feel the same, which is why weve made Newthis issue of Moments magazine our wellbeing edition. From clearing clutter in the bedroom (and finally finding space for all those clothes, shoes and accessories!) to organising the kitchen, Hammonds look. Fitted Furniture can help bring a little calm to your home life. And that brings with it extra benefits Stress-free mornings as you easily pick out your outfit for the day. Brighter breakfasts and dinnertimes as you gather around the table in a well-ordered kitchen. And a great nights sleep in a beautifully designed bedroom.When your home is happy and peaceful, you have the space to truly treasure the moments that make life Newspecial, whether thats cuddling up with family on the sofa or that first quiet cup of tea in the morning.KerriKerri Amos, Editormoments. 3VOLUME 14 |THE WELLBEING EDITION'