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Architect, Interior Designer & Project Manager Claire needed a cosy lounge area when she had a house extension. She came to Hammonds for a media unit with ample storage space.

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Fitness influencer Lucy Davis’ wardrobe transformation has given her the perfect organisation for her busy and active lifestyle.

Lucy worked with our designers to create a dedicated space in her new home to store her gym gear. She chose Langton in White to transform her spare room from chaotic dumping ground to stylish dressing room.

Why did you choose Hammonds?

“I personally haven’t come across a company that works so well in terms of customer experience and overall design. Hammonds wardrobes always stuck out to me due to the number of styles and fits to choose from, plus the colour palette!”

What was your space like before your room transformation?

“The space was just an empty room, with boxes taking over my life! I had always known I wanted a walk-in wardrobe, somewhere to store everything neat and organised, and I was so so happy throughout the transformation process, from design to finish!”

How would you describe your interior style?

“My interior style is modern yet classic. I love clean, fresh, white/ ivory spaces, and this is the theme for my whole house, hence why I tied it into my Hammonds wardrobes with the off white, silver and light oak - absolutely beautiful!”

Why is organisation important to you?

“As a young business owner of three businesses, I have to keep on top of everything and organisation is the key to this, 100%. As part of one of my businesses I work with Gymshark, so I have a dedicated (colour coordinated) gym section and it has been fantastic for shooting all my content.”

What is the best thing about your new dressing room?

“The organisation and design of the whole room is simply stunning! I have realised I have clothes that I didn’t even know I had as they were all just shoved away before! It’s also a place for me where I can film content for my businesses, and then relax and unwind!”

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