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For every bedroom we fit, we plant a tree. Together with The Woodland Trust we’re working to preserve Britain’s ancient woodlands.

The Woodland Trust is committed to preserving our woodland and we’re committed to helping them carry on their great work. That’s why, if you choose a Hammonds bedroom or home office, we’ll plant a tree for you. If you buy one of our veneered ranges, we’ll plant a tree and also give you a year’s free membership to the Woodland Trust. Since 2004, we’ve helped the Woodland Trust to dedicate and protect more than 98,000 trees. That number, like the trees, continues to grow.

Over the last 10 years, Hammonds’ partnership with the Woodland Trust has helped to preserve over 4,000 acres of woodland – that’s over 1600 hectares

Today, we’re the only bedroom company to work in partnership with the Woodland Trust, Britain's leading woodland conservation charity. What’s more, over the last 10 years, we've donated over £750,000 to the Trust and helped plant an extra 62,000 trees.

We’ve donated approx £780,000 to the Woodland Trust over the last 10 years

After all, wood is not just a beautiful natural material, it's also incredibly important for the environment. Trees offer shelter to wildlife, help to stabilise soil, and provide oxygen. Which is why helping to take care of Britain’s 1200 woodlands is such a worthwhile cause.

We’ve helped to plant trees in 12 different woodlands across the UK

It takes between 36 and 42 years for a freshly planted tree to mature, which is why we, like the Trust, believe it's important to increase the planting of trees in line with the products we sell. If you buy one of our veneered ranges, we'll even give you a free years’ membership with the Trust, so you can make the most of the woodlands your custom has helped to keep safe.

We’ve planted over 62,000 trees over the course of the partnership

We’ve given out over 12,000 Woodland Trust memberships to customers who have bought our wardrobes.

We love working with wood and being in partnership with the Trust has only made us more determined to showcase its natural beauty in our designs. Whether you love the warm welcoming feel of a country cottage kitchen or the indulgent luxury of a modern dark wood bedroom, we want our work to truly transform your house into a home.

New woodland is home to all kinds of birds and butterflies, which otherwise would be in decline, like the tree pipit, willow warbler and small copper.

Attention to detail is what sets us apart and choosing the best possible materials is key to our approach. We carefully select each piece of timber, paying close attention to the intricacy and standard of the grain. Then, meticulously stain each component to preserve the natural colour and character. Finally, our experienced craftsmen assemble each piece of furniture by hand, to create a stunning piece of furniture that is exquisitely detailed and reassuringly solid.

A robin normally needs 0.55 hectares of spaces. Thanks to the 62,000 new trees we’ve planted, there’s room for 100 new robins!

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