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Wardrobes and Shoe Storage

They can be beautiful, practical, smart, snazzy and a collection of different shapes and sizes. The problem is they can also be bulky and impractical to store. When you’re ready to leave for the day ahead or for a night on the town, clever wardrobe shoe storage that keeps them neat and aired out can make such a difference to your mood, rather than diving under the bed or in the corners of the living room in search for that missing shoe!

Different Shoe Storage Options

At Hammonds, we have lots of different shoe wardrobe storage solutions available. Open the doors to discover smooth sliding pull out shoe racks for the wardrobe. Space-efficient, multiple layered pull out shoe racks fit inside your bespoke designed and made to order wardrobe to keep your shoes aired and secure from damage. Choose how many wardrobe shoe racks you need; or even mix and match your shoe rack with a trouser rail. Our bespoke designed shoe storage doesn’t stop there. Speak with your designer about wardrobe shoe shelving to create a multi-purpose storage space.

Fitted Wardrobe Shoe Rack

Wardrobe Shoe Rack

The benefits of a wardrobe shoe racks means that your carefully selected shoes, both stylish and practical are stored securely, safe from damage. Keep the home tidy and clear of clutter with a shoe rack inside your fitted wardrobe, ready to match with your clothes and accessories. 

Where is Best to Have Shoe Storage?

Take a little look at your lifestyle and choose your storage solutions to match. Are you someone who likes having your shoes next to the door or in the hallway ready to pop on and go? Perhaps you like to match them against your outfit for the day, keeping your smart shoes out of reach from the children or the dog. If you are the former, speak to your Hammonds designer about pull out shoe racks fitted inside your hallway fitted storage. It creates a great place to storage coats and umbrellas alongside your boots and heels. If you’re the later, pull out shoe racks in your bedroom wardrobe can be cleverly designed to be the most efficient for the space available.


Bespoke Designed Shoe Storage

Interested in shoe storage inside your new fitted wardrobe? Book a design visit today with an expert Hammonds designer for free to discuss your storage needs. A computerised visual will be created of your fitted furniture to the dimensions of your room and see this come to life.

How we tailor-make your fitted living space

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1. Home design service

Interior design ideas and
space creating solutions

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2. Detailed room survey

The best craftsmen measure twice
and cut once.

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3. Installation

Our qualified team will take care
of every detail.