Bedroom Storage - Fitted Wardrobe Storage

For those of you with a vast collection of clothes, shoes and accessories, finding a place to store them can pose a real problem. After a long day at work or with the kids, it’s nice to have a space where you can retreat and relax in a calm, peaceful environment.

  • Corner Wardrobe

    This angled corner wardrobe is a must for smaller rooms and represents just one example of how our expert designers can transform your built-in bedroom storage.
  • Pull out shoe rack

    This space-efficient, soft-close shoe rack provides the perfect way to care for your shoe collection and keep your wardrobe clutter free.
  • Jewellery Tray

    Create the perfect home for your jewellery collection and make the most of every inch of space with this clever, soft-close tray.
  • Cosmetic Unit

    Unique to Hammonds, this concealed cosmetic drawer has room for all your beauty essentials – ensuring surfaces stay beautifully clutter-free.
  • Pull out trouser rack

    If you prefer trousers with the classic ‘just-pressed’ look, look no further than this innovative, pull-out trouser rack.
  • Counter balance hanging rail

    Capitalise on tall spaces and make high clothing easier to reach with this handy extendable hanging rail.
  • Pull out tea tray

    Ease into the day with a cuppa, or enjoy a late night cocoa with this sturdy, slide-out side-table tray.
  • Pre-dresser

    Designed to save time in the mornings, this pre-dresser enables you to plan your outfit the night before.
  • Linen Press

    Keep bulky bedding and laundry out of sight with this smart, space-saving bedroom storage unit.
  • Tie Rack

    Keep ties crease and tangle free with this convenient rack on the back of your fitted wardrobe storage door.
  • Glamour Unit

    Indulge your inner beauty and discover ours with this beautiful concealed glamour unit.
  • Over bed storage

    Make space for your bulky bedding and spare duvets with this stylish overbed storage.
  • Corner linen bin

    A major problem with bedroom storage is where to stow your dirty laundry, but this corner linen bin offers the ideal solution.
  • Single hanging

    Create a wardrobe in any space with a custom single hanging rail or add a floor-to-ceiling cloakroom for full-length outfits.
  • Double hanging

    Need a wardrobe with room for everything? Our generous double hanging rail offers twice the bedroom storage space.
  • Belt/scarf rack

    With room to hang all your belts and scarves, this hidden storage rack is an ideal way to keep everyday accessories in shape.
  • Tilting linen basket

    This tilting basket provides easy access to bedding and laundry and makes maximum use of small corners and unused spaces.
  • Soft close interior drawers

    Add a touch of 5-star hotel style with these ultra-smooth, ultra-quiet soft-close drawers.
  • Stable door

    Our split-level stable doors provide easy access to awkward spaces and areas where a standard door simply couldn’t open.
  • End-angled wardrobe

    Designed for sloping ceilings and restricted headroom, our built in end-angled wardrobes bring you all the benefits of a full-sized unit and maximise your bedroom storage.

Life is better with storage

The bedroom ought to be that place, but it can have the opposite effect if your space is cluttered with all your belongings. Here at Hammonds, we have the perfect solution in the shape of our stylish and efficient bedroom storage range, designed to organise even the most extreme hoarders.

Built-in versatility

Our collection of fitted wardrobe storage offers several built-in options that can make the most of your space and help tidy your mind as well as your room with our drawers, shelves and hanging rails set to transform your sleeping quarters into the de-cluttered, tranquil haven it ought to be.

Hammonds can help

Our expert team are on-hand to answer any queries about your fitted wardrobe solutions. You can start your journey by contacting your nearest Hammonds store or visiting one of our showrooms. Our design experts will help you get the ball rolling.

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