3 things every wardrobe needs

An ever growing pile of clothes building on your bedroom floor, opening up your wardrobe and never being able to find anything to wear, shoes getting damaged and dishevelled by being crammed into the bottom of your wardrobe. Sound familiar?

At Hammonds we offer a huge range of fitted furniture that rescues our customers from the depths of clutter, stress and untidiness to infuse their lives with amazing storage solutions.

Here's a list of the top 3 items every wardrobe needs:

1. Shoe rack

Shoes glorious shoes. We all dream of having a shoe collection to rival Carey Bradshaw but there's no point in having lovely shoes if you don't have the space to store them and keep them looking nice. A shoe rack is the perfect space saving accessory that enables you to fit a large amount of shoes into the smallest amount of space whilst protecting your footwear and keeping them in tip top condition.

Hammonds shoe racks hold up to an impressive 80 pairs!

2. Storage boxes

Storage boxes are the ideal accessory for storing out-of-season clothes, hats, scarves and other odds and ends. Keeping unwanted items out the way makes get ready a lot easier!

To add an element of luxury, opt for matching boxes that aren't transparent so your clutter is hidden - or even retro suitcases look great. 

3. Jewellery  tray

A statement piece of jewellery can really make an outfit so make sure your jewellery is visible and within easy reach. Jewellery trays are the perfect solution for sorting and separating earrings, bracelets, brochures and necklaces - with no tangles!

For more information on how you could benefit from a fitted wardrobe, explore our ranges here

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