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Breakfast In Bed


Sometimes in this frantic culture, our weeks can rapidly become so crowded we begin to lose ourselves in the noise. Not just with our jobs, but with our family’s plans and activities too. 

So how about this weekend check-in to the ultimate moment to yourself. Design your very own breakfast in bed this weekend

The ideology that a busy lifestyle is a happy one is not always the case.

In this madness, even our weekends can get stripped away from us, with thoughts similar to “One must wake up early to beat the morning rush at the supermarket”, “One must make sure the guest towels are fluffy and folded neatly for Molly’s visit tomorrow”. On and on it goes.

If this sounds familiar, simply pause a moment and ask yourself, what have you planned for you recently? Not you and your friends or family. You.

This may have stumped you slightly, not to worry, we have just the trick. The simple breakfast in bed is often overlooked and underrated. Which is why it’s usually pushed aside. But we propose you to take the time and design your very own breakfast in bed this weekend. Plan the contents of the morning cuppa and the deliciously selected petit déjeuner and look forward to it. Adorn your bedroom with beautiful cushions and throws, making your bedroom aesthetically relaxing. Make it your truly your moment. Physically write this down in your diary and make sure you stick to it and thank yourself later.

One last important thing, don’t lie there feeling guilty that you haven’t hoisted yourself up to put the pile of laundry in the wash. Put this out of your mind. After all, the plan only works if you relax, relinquished of worry. Think of why you deserve this, all those accomplishments big and small. Ensure you’re checked-in to the ultimate breakfast in bed, completely guilt-free, and enjoy.

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Special thanks to Nina, pet of Hammonds employee Sarah Mason for being the purrfect model.


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