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Can you guess the famous film character from their bedroom?

Guess the bedroom - Indiana Jones Header Image

Have you ever wondered what the bedroom of your favourite cinematic character would look like? Well, we've created five scenes depicting the bedrooms of some of our most loved film characters, challenging you to guess who lives there.

Clues include the setting, items of clothing, wall decorations, and even pets!

The average cinephile takes 35 seconds to identify who owns each bedroom in all five scenes – can you beat the average time?

Number 1

With a famous cityscape in the background, tell-tale outfits, and a couple of martini glasses left around the place, can you guess which famous character has just left this room?

Guess the Bedroom - James Bond - Resized

Number 2

This character looks like they don’t spend much time at home and seems to have many items ready for an adventure. Do you know who it could be?

Guess the Wardrobe - Indiana Jones - Resized

Number 3

Who could possibly find time in their day to read so many books? You would need more than 24 hours in a day! Who do you think it is?

Guess the bedroom - Hermione - Resized

Number 4

This person lives for the dark aesthetic, and has a very unusual uniform…who could it be?

Guess the bedroom - Darth Vader - resized

Number 5

This character looks to be getting ready for another adventure – their crime-fighting outfit is freshly washed and ready to go! Can you guess who it is?

Guess the Bedroom - Wonder Woman - Resized

Did you guess them all correctly? The answers are:

  • James Bond
  • Indiana Jones
  • Hermione Granger
  • Darth Vader
  • Wonder Woman

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