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Clever storage ideas for small bedrooms


Struggling to find the right furniture and storage solutions in a small bedroom? Here are some top tips to help you declutter and de-stress.


If you live in a smaller home, or you’re renovating a small bedroom in your house, you will know all about the issues that a lack of storage space can bring.

With cupboard doors bulging open, semi-organised piles of belongings and floor space quickly getting eaten up, the lack of order can even start to affect your mental health.

We believe that a well-ordered space is crucial to inspire a well-ordered life. So if you’re in need of some clever storage ideas for small bedrooms, read on.

Opt for fitted furniture

Standalone wardrobes and drawers are not designed to fit the space you’re looking to fill, and a hotchpotch of designs and dimensions can quickly waste vital space.

We have a range of fitted wardrobes to suit different budgets, however, that could breathe new life into your box room.

Our experts will measure your room twice over to make sure that the furniture you select is inch-perfect, with no part of the design going to waste.

Whether a child’s bedroom, a spare room, or a home office – having furniture that runs from wall to wall, or ceiling to floor will add crucial storage that will bring a sense of calm to your space.

No more stacking on top of the free-standing wardrobe, no more bags crammed into a corner, no more stress

Radley Fitted Bedroom

Utilise vertical space

If your options from wall to wall are limited, why not think up them instead.

Shelves will give you places to store trinkets, photos and other items that can breathe a bit of your personality into the bedroom.

If you want to keep things packed away, box shelves offer a great alternative. The addition of doors or baskets will allow you to gather things up and keep them out of sight.

Mixing up the levels your shelves are placed at is also another method to make your room seem slightly bigger, by moving the eyes across the space quicker.

Add multipurpose furniture

Rather than give yourself a dilemma about which items of furniture will make the cut, find pieces that can do it all.

Beds that fold up onto the wall or into a couch are an obvious space-saver, but many designs now come with an added function on the underside, which reveals itself once the bed is upright.

It could be a desk for working at home, or a mirror for checking those final touches to your look before heading out for the day.

If you have space for a separate desk, is it possible to wall-mount it? This will save you some crucial inches and will allow you to use it for storage purposes as well.

A banner for a Hammonds competition to win a £3000 Avon fitted bedroom

Find the right bed

You will need to know your measurements off by heart before you go bed shopping – especially with space at a premium.

A king size might be out of the question, but don’t forget the storage potential that beds can offer, despite taking up the most square-footage of any item.

A divan design will come with drawers fitted to the frame, while a design with space underneath may offer you room to fit sliding drawers on casters – indeed many designs come with matching items so that you can find a storage solution without compromising on the overall design of your room.

An ottoman design – which rises up to reveal storage space under your mattress – is another great way to maximise the places available for you to stash things away.

Improve your organisation

It can be difficult in small spaces, but being proactive is the best way to stay on top of clutter and keep things in order.

Fitted wardrobes offer many clever storage ideas, whether it’s shoe racks, cosmetic units, jewellery trays or another place to home something.

That is the crucial element – make sure that everything has a designated home and it will make tidying up a doddle, as well as bringing a sense of order to the room − and your life.

How you store items, like the Marie Kondo method for keeping clothes neat and tidy, is another consideration that can give you more room than you previously thought you had.


So now you’re ready to tackle that small space and make it work for you. If you need further inspiration, why not book a free design visit with Hammonds’ experts and we can show you just how far that space can be stretched.


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