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Clothes Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Rialto Square Open Wardrobes Light Grey

Clothes storage ideas for small spaces

As many as 12.8 million working days were lost to work-related stress, depression or anxiety during the 12-month period between March 2018 and March 2019, according to research from the Health and Safety Executive. No matter its size or style, your home should always offer a refuge from modern life. It’s the place you return to at the end of each hectic day – but unnecessary clutter can get in the way of relaxation and even lead to feelings of tension.   

Effective storage is essential to keep your home tidy, create a sense of calm and maintain the condition of your possessions. And that’s even more so if you’re short on space; analysis from the Local Authority Building Control (LABC) shows how British houses have never been smaller.      

This simply means that it’s time to get a little more creative. Thankfully, we know a thing or two about how to organise small spaces – and we design beautiful furniture to fit them every day. Read on to find our simple and practical clothes storage ideas for small spaces.      


Get over or underbed storage

Hammonds Overbed Storage

Do you have a single bed, a double, a king-size or even bigger? The bed usually takes up most of the room in a bedroom whatever its size – so you may as well make yours multi-functional. Whether you want to make more of the space above it or invest in the bed itself, you’ve got lots of options.

Our fitted bedroom storage range offers stylish solutions for your chunky jumpers and bulky bedding. From open shelving to closed off cabinetry, it’s easy to tailor yours to the style of rest of your furniture and create a cohesive look and feel.

Alternatively, it could be worth considering a bed with built-in storage space. Ottoman beds have been around for some time now and can be lifted up to reveal extra space in the base. This can be a great solution for items you perhaps don’t use every day or don’t need to hang.       


Design fitted furniture to maximise dead space

Seton Rural Oak, Alcove

Interesting shapes and dimensions may add to a property’s appeal on first viewing – but can become tricky to design around once you move in. If you have tight corners or sloped ceilings, for example, are you left with dead space after struggling to find any storage solution to fit?

If you’re searching for where to buy furniture for small spaces, this is where our fitted furniture comes into its own. You can tailor its features to your personal needs and routines – such as including a tie rack or jewellery tray. But you can also build it around the quirks of your home’s structure too.

It’s the job of our designers to find more room for storage than you ever thought possible. On a design visit, they’ll carry out a detailed room survey, take precise measurements and talk you through your options to make sure you’re able to use your space in the smartest way possible.            


Choose a sliding wardrobe

Matt sliding wardrobe doors in fudge made with Aragon oak

A wardrobe is an essential piece of furniture in any home. Whatever your fashion sense, having adequate hanging space for your clothes is vital for keeping them crease-free and organised. Yet their size can dominate a room and the rest of its features. Wide-opening doors, meanwhile, can quickly become frustrating day-to-day if your floor space is limited.

But when you still dream of having floor-to-ceiling wardrobe space, a sliding wardrobe could be the answer. It offers the same level of storage, of course, but won’t encroach any further when you need to get at the clothes inside.

A mirrored sliding wardrobe takes things a step further by reflecting light and helping to make your space look and feel bigger than it is. You can still choose from more classic styles if you wish.       


Make the most of your wall space

Is hanging space at a premium in your home? Would you appreciate an easy place to put your coats, jackets and even shoes rather than piling them in the corner? Put your walls to work and make attractive features out of hooks, rails or racks.

Hanging rails can easily be customised to run from wall to wall if you’re working with an unusual space but don’t have room for extra furniture. You could even attach one to the underside of existing shelving. Racks, meanwhile, are particularly effective if you have large areas of blank vertical space. You can easily make them attractive too.

Try decorating yours with hanging plants to add character to this more minimalist and open storage style. You could also add small baskets for items such as beanies and gloves to make them easier to find next time you need them.

Final tips

If your bedroom is still a mess even after your very best de-cluttering efforts, don’t lose hope. Here are three more small tips from our design team that could make a big difference:   

  • Organise your drawers: Drawer dividers are a simple, yet effective method of keeping clothes in check. You can also consider more extreme options like vacuum packing for help storing your more seasonal items.
  • Use the backs of doors: Add hooks to your door to create even more handy hanging space. If you tend to have your door open a lot of the time, anything you store here would be out of view for the most part.
  • Rethink what belongs where: Do you have storage space you’re not using elsewhere? Don’t be afraid to store winter coats or towels in your living room if it’s a better fit, for example.


Have you maximised the storage potential of your small spaces? Here at Hammonds, we create beautiful solutions to organise each and every home. You can find more ideas and examples on our interior inspiration hub.   


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