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Create the Walk-in Wardrobe of your Dreams


Dressing room, walk-in wardrobe, whatever you call it, nothing quite compares to the glamour and style of an indulgent space dedicated to the items you love. With wall-to-wall shelving, miles of hanging space and colour coordinated clothing as far as the eye can see, it’s a label-lover’s dream - but you don’t have to be a fashionista or a film-star to own one. By using every inch of space and adding a pinch of creative thinking, you can transform any room into a luxurious walk-in wardrobe. Here are a few things to consider before you create your dream-world dressing room or walk-in wardrobe.


Short on space? Small is still beautiful

If you don’t live in a mansion, don’t worry - it’s easy to think that you need acres of space to create a walk-in-wardrobe, but using fitted furniture can work wonders in smaller rooms. Have a ‘box-room’ you’re not sure what to do with? Turn it into your new favourite place. By creating a walk-in wardrobe to store your belongings, you are actually freeing up space in your bedroom so it can simply be your place of calm. A custom-made walk-in wardrobe will give you a designated place for everything.

Walk-in wardrobes shoe rack

Floor-to-ceiling storage

To really make the most of your walk-in wardrobe, being efficient with the space inside is a must.  Bespoke fitted wardrobes are a great investment, they can be built to span the height of the room and wall to wall. Allowing you to maximise your storage and vary the size of shelves and rails to suit your items, creating an internal layout to suit your wardrobe.

Assess the contents of your wardrobe

The starting point to designing your walk-in wardrobe is to have a think about what you’ll want to store in it. If you have an extensive collection of long dresses or coats, you will probably need double-height rails and more vertical space. Likewise, if you love shoes, it’s a good idea to consider horizontal shoe racks. Knowing your wardrobe will really help you to plan the interior design on your walk-in wardrobe, as you can customise almost everything to suit you.

Seton fitted wardrobes open white

Once you have worked out what storage you will need throughout your walk-in wardrobe, you’ll be able to reorder where you’ll store your items to suit you. This also allows you to place the items you use most at your fingertips, and the items you only use occasionally further inside. This is also great for rotating your belongings seasonally.


Choosing your style

So you’ve worked out what you’ll need in terms of storage. Now you have to decide what kind of look you want to go for. With bespoke fitted wardrobes, the choice really is endless. For the wardrobe doors you can create any style you like; classic or contemporary, or mix up the panels with mirrored and wooden surfaces. Or maybe you like to see everything at a glance and fancy an open feel without doors? Have a look through Pinterest or visit one of our stores for style inspiration.  


Beautiful – inside and out

Adding little touches can truly make it your own. Details like your choice of handles can make a difference to the aesthetic. Fashion handles can add a touch of opulence or if you want a minimal look, go handle free with discreet sliding doors. 

On the inside choose soft closer drawers and sleek aluminium frames. Personalise to your heart’s content with options of pull-out shoe racks that stack and store your shoe collection seamlessly and hanging trouser racks that ensure your trousers are easy to find and have the ‘just-pressed’ look. Innovative storage ideas can help you make your walk-in wardrobe work for you.

Hammonds pull out trouser rack
Hammonds shoe rack filled with heels

For the ultimate dressing experience, add your own dressing table, upholstered seating and cosmetics unit. Whatever you want your walk-in wardrobe to be, there’s a bespoke solution to match.

Hammonds Harspden in rich praline

Book a design visit today and bring your walk-in wardrobe dream to life 



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