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Feature focus: The wardrobe shoe storage you’re missing out on

Hammonds shoe rack filled with heels

Shoes, glorious shoes. While a big collection is most people’s dream, it can quickly become a nightmare if you lack storage and your home slowly starts to be taken over by shoes.

Whether you need to work with what you already have or you are in a position to invest in new fitted furniture, we have all the tips and tricks you need for shoe storage solutions to keep your home clutter-free.

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Pull-out shoe racks

The easiest and most effective way to store your shoes is to incorporate a pull-out shoe rack within your storage. Incredibly space efficient and with a handy soft close function, they make caring for your footwear a breeze.

When considering location, think about how you currently store your shoes. If you’re guilty of taking them off and leaving them hanging around in the hallway, you could make better use of that space. Keep it clear by building a shoe rack into your hallway storage. If you prefer having all your shoes in your wardrobe to assist with outfit planning, make additions to your wardrobes – it’s important your storage works for you and your daily routine.

Shoe boxes

Shoe boxes are an incredibly cost-effective and practical option for when you have too many shoes to store. Make sure to consider how you store occasion shoes versus everyday pairs when organising your collection. Occasion shoes are reached for much less frequently, and often cost more, so it makes sense to keep them out of harm's way in protective shoe boxes.

If you’re prone to forgetting what you have at the back of your wardrobe, take Polaroid pictures of each pair and stick it to the front of the box as a fun and quirky reminder.

Style a bookcase with your favourite shoes

If you have a shoe collection, Carrie Bradshaw would be proud of and have an area of open storage that needs a restyle, opt to make an eye-catching feature out of your shoe collection.

Pick your favourites and style the wardrobe shelves with the shoes as the focus. Coffee table books with well-designed covers are great for creating a variety of different heights and focal points or add other accessories such as handbags and sunglasses to up the glam even further.


Make the most of built-in shelving

If your fitted wardrobes already have built-in shelving, they are the perfect feature to transition into a ready-made shoe rack.

Dedicate a shelf or two specifically for shoes, and group styles together to keep the shelves organised. Lay out each pair heel to toe to make the available space go even further.

Walk-in wardrobes shoe rack

Use a wire rack

Wire racks are an excellent option for storing shoes that are worn regularly such as work shoes, or even muddy boots and trainers, and have the added bonus of also being cost-effective.

With lots of different shapes and sizes available, they are perfect for making use out of small, difficult to use or wasted spaces like under stair cupboards and corners.

For more inspiration on getting your storage under control, check out our storage solutions here:


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