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Loft bedroom storage ideas to maximise your space | Hammonds

Sliding Wardrobe Awkward Space

Make the most out of your spare bedroom with our unique and useful storage ideas, perfect for rooms of any shape or size.

Loft bedrooms are becoming more desirable these days due to the flexible ways that you can decorate and use the space provided with them.

With many people opting for loft conversions as a new alteration to their home, they can add value and provide you with extra living space, without the need to relocate as your family grows.

With the help of a few skylights, a loft conversion can become a haven for natural light and peaceful slumber.

Keep your loft bedroom free of clutter and looking presentable with these space-saving loft bedroom storage ideas.

Go for a fitted wardrobe

Sloping ceilings make it difficult to find freestanding furniture that makes the most of the space without looking amiss. Fitted wardrobes, on the other hand, can be made to measure and run from wall to wall, floor to ceiling, even in the most awkward of spaces!

By using built-in fitted wardrobes you’re able to turn empty wall space into handy, out-of-the-way storage. You can even make your wardrobes multipurpose by using mirrored doors, eradicating the need for an additional full-length mirror, which would take up even more space.

These types of wardrobes are a lot sleeker and are made to measure so they can fit against almost any wall space that you have available, even those awkward triangular walls that you often get with loft bedrooms!

Having this storage space will allow you to have your shoes, clothing and other gadgets safely stored away and provide a clear, open space to work with for the rest of your room.

Consider non-traditional wardrobe doors

Traditional wardrobe doors can be unpractical, especially if you have limited room to open them. Sliding and folding wardrobe doors both save on space, whereas open-frame wardrobes can be eye-catching and are an inexpensive loft bedroom storage idea if you’re working with a budget.

With sliding wardrobes, you won’t have to worry about accommodating for the space of opening your wardrobe doors and can glide the door across with ease to reveal your favourite outfits.

Folding wardrobe doors are great for if you have some space to play with but want a unique alternative way of opening your closet.

Open frame wardrobes can become a feature in your room if you have certain accessories or items of clothing that you’d like to be on show as they reflect your personality and style. These types of wardrobes work particularly well with industrial, modern style homes and bedrooms as they complement the rustic and minimal aesthetic. They are budget-friendly and can be completely personalised depending on what you add to them.

Add custom storage under the eaves

Installing custom drawers and shelving will make the most of any dead space under the eaves. Our range of fitted bedroom furniture can be custom made to fit any space you have and will add character to your room. It also means that you won’t be cluttering up any floor space with clothes hanging rails and storage boxes.

Get creative and add quirky doorhandles, or other decorative items such as gems, to make your custom storage into a wall feature that’s unique to you.

Make the bed multifunctional

Often being the largest item in the room, the bed needs to earn its keep. By incorporating under-bed storage, you minimise the risk of creating a busy and cluttered space and can store belongings in boxes or drawers underneath it with ease.

Consider a divan storage bed if you don’t want items being visible from the foot of the bed and are looking for alternative ways to store bedding and blankets.

Be on the lookout for multifunctional frames and headboards, such as ones that include over-bed lighting or a TV stand as these can also save on much valued space.

If you’re still stuck for inspiration or unsure where to start first, take a look at our online guide for loft conversion bedroom storage ideas.

Once you’ve done that, don’t forget to book a design visit and have one of our experts help you to plan out your design. We’re on hand to help you when making the most out of the space you have for storage in your loft room.


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