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What if we created a dolls house filled with Hammonds furniture?

So that’s exactly what we decided to do.

We have full confidence in our craftsmen, built up from many happy Hammonds’ customers. Our fitted bedrooms, kitchens and home offices are made to measure, meaning we personally craft every curve and angle. It’s from this appreciation that we were inspired to embark on this ‘miniature’ project.

We know that every person at Hammonds holds the passion for bringing the customers perfect room from dream to reality and we take pride in that nurtured skillset we offer.

This project tested the imagination and skills of our trustworthy craftsmen, Mark, resulting in a beautifully enchanting miniature Hammonds house. Mark described the project as fun, intricate and very different from his ‘day job’.

The master bedroom is designed in Harpsden and the children’s bedroom has been designed in Elkin. Down on the ground floor, the kitchen has been designed in Liverton.

If only we could know what a doll would think of a beautifully hand-made Hammonds home.

We’d like to thank Hammonds craftsmen, Mark Birch for making and fitting the miniature furniture in this enchanting house.


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