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No Room for a Home Office? Think Again.

Light Praline home office

How would an office in your home make a positive difference to your life?

You might want the flexibility of working from home a couple of days a week. Would it take you one step closer to your goal of self-employment? Or maybe it would just help you run your busy life more efficiently.

Whatever your reasons, sometimes you might think that you need a whole room to use for a home office, but with our space saving home office storage options, think again.

The Issue

You might have given up on the idea in the past because you “don’t have room”. But try taking a second look at your home and thinking creatively about the space you have.


The solutions for a home office

Is it time to change the use of a room? If your child has grown up and has their own home, their old bedroom could become your new office.

Or could an under-used room perform more than one function? You might want to use the guest room for family visits three times a year but it could double as an office between those visits. Think about multi-use furniture, a dressing table can double up as the desk when not in use by family.

White Avon dressing table

Alternatively, scan your home for “hidden” space. Many homes have odd corners that are under-utilised.

Could you clear out the clutter and custom-fit an office under the stairs? Is there an alcove in the sitting room you could adapt by adding shelves and a desk? If you have a large hall or landing there could be space simply going to waste.


Fitted storage

Wherever your site,  your home office, it needs to be both stylish and practical. 

The key is clever fitted storage that makes the best use of every inch, with plenty of space for your files, stationery and supplies.

If you will be working in a shared space, opt for storage with doors so you can safely shut your files away.

And if you are not sure how to best use of your space, book a design visit and speak with an expert designer, who can work with you to create your ideal office.


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