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Adams explores the fascinating biology, life cycle and species of trees whilst discovering our own connection with them and how we use their wood to create and do. From myths and stories to Adams’ very own encounters and experience, discover more about nature’s awesome giants. Coupled with mesmerising illustrations by John Evelyn, this book is simply beautiful and makes for a brilliant present for any nature lover. 


Lykke, meaning happiness in Danish, is explored through Wiking’s wonderful research into inner fulfilment and the happiest corners of the world. Through the six main pillars of happiness; togetherness, money, health, freedom, trust and kindness, Wiking uncovers from his extensive research the keys to unlock true happiness. Using captivating and moving stories, Wiking relays which countries are getting it right and what we can learn from them. The Little Book Of Lykke makes you reflect on your own lifestyle and the world around you, feeling inspired and moved. 

Pax was just a cub when Peter rescued him and the pair have been inseparable ever since. When war strikes on the country and Peter is forced to move in with his Grandfather, he has no choice but to return Pax back to the wild. A decision he regrets, Peter sets out to find his fox while Pax waits hopefully for his boy. A moving story about a beautiful bond of friendship.

Fern Britton envelops fun and friendly charm with charismatic characters and delightful descriptions of the little Cornish village of Pendruggan. Penny Leighton lives with her husband Simon and her newborn baby Jenna. From the outside it could be seen as picturesque but Penny has kept some secrets of her past and her family locked away in her heart from her husband. Her life takes a little twist once young Ella arrives in the village, searching for something that’s missing in her life. Penny takes her under her broken wing during a summer that will change everything. 

Maggie O’Farrell captures the reader in a story of a unique marriage between a former film star, now escaping the unwanted attention of fame, and her husband Daniel, a relatively straight and narrow Brooklyn born linguist. Upon discovering something about a woman he saw twenty years ago, Daniel takes a journey which will send him far from home. Will his love for Claudette be enough to bring him back?

If you’re worried where to start with decorating to make your home reflect your own style, then Abigail will give you the confidence, tricks and inspiration you need. It's not about seeking perfection, it is about experimenting and finding the style that you love.  

Transform your home into a beautiful space with the Japanse art of decluttering. Marie Kondo has changes the home and lives of people around the world with her simple KonMari Method. Her approach will help you to look at your belongings in a new light and encourage you to ask one simple question: do they spark joy?

Calling all book lovers!!! October will see the start of the new Hammonds Book Club. 

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