For a chance to WIN a six month subscription to the Hotel Chocolat tasting club all you have to do is find the THREE GOLDEN EGGS hidden on the Hammonds website.

This month we’re welcoming to the stage the newly refurbished Hammonds showroom at Waltham Cross based in Fishpools department store. Debbie Kleanthous, shares with us what new ranges are on display in the concession and what it’s like to be a Store Manager at a reputable showroom. 

Although it certainly won’t feel like it with our incredibly hectic schedules, a third of our lifetime is spent in bed.

White has evolved into a design classic in recent years. Versatile, sleek and great for small spaces, it can be incorporated into our homes in so many ways.

A timeless shaker style kitchen, that offers more than surface appeal.

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.


It’s nearly here. We’ve all been waiting for it. The eagerly anticipated long weekend.

What if we created a dolls house filled with Hammonds furniture? So that’s exactly what we decided to do.

Harpsden stone Hammonds fitted wardrobe

This season, we’re shining the spotlight on one of our most popular fitted bedroom ranges.

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