Introducing our latest seasonal magazine 'Moments for Autumn'. A collection of articles inspired by seasonal activities, family life and home design inspiration.

Believe it or not, autumn can be your most jam packed, activity filled season of the year. Don’t be disheartened by the odd spot of drizzle, there is so much this season has to offer, all you need to do to enjoy it is grab your brolly and wellies and get out there. Fill in your autumn checklist and ensure that when the snow starts to fall, you’ll be certain you got all you could out of this vibrant season. 

Head on over to our instagram page to enter our instagram competition to win two oversized Hammonds fabric Harpsden cushions in silver.

We're very excited to announce this store of the month is the recently relocated and rejuvenated showroom at Peterborough, located at Peterborough One Retail Park. Store manager Kayleigh was delighted to show us around and tell us all about the new showroom.

Situated within Glasswells, our store based in Bury St Edmunds has recently undergone a beautiful renovation including new displays and a new collection of Hammonds samples. 

If you’re looking for fitted furniture with the look and feel of real wood, without the expensive price tag and heavy weight, our wood veneer textured ranges are the perfect choice.


We have a stylish Nespresso coffee machine up for grabs in our latest competition.

For many people, at least one of the reasons to go on holiday is to wind down and relax. But the benefits are often short lived because they are so busy when they return leading to feeling stressed. Making those first few days back from your holiday as hassle free as possible helps avoid this. At Organised Life we believe the best way to do this is to get organised for when you come home before you go on holiday. 

Introducing our store of the month for August...Erdington, based in Cookes Furniture. Recently refurbished with beautiful shaker style kitchens, Ben the concession manager was more than happy to show us around the rejeuvenated showroom. 

Finding the storage space to tuck away your children's seemingly endless supply of toys, clothes, games and shoes can seem like an impossible task at times. If you'd like to find some sense amongst the clutter, we've put together some of our best storage tips to help!

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