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Hammonds fitted kitchen croft

Preparing a scrumptious festive lunch with all the trimmings takes a lot of planning and preparation. Hammonds knows one of the most important factors when designing a kitchen is easy access and being able to see everything you need quickly, so you can get on with the good stuff.

Radley white hammonds furniture

We contacted Chris after he purchased from Hammonds late 2016 as we were excited to see his fashionable choice of fitted furniture that him and partner Ria decided on for their new bedroom. 

The eye is initially drawn into the sumptuous bed, then across the lengthy wardrobes. The clean lines and thoughtful design means the fitted furniture doesn’t overpower the space but ignites it.

It may be the smallest room in the house but it's the place where a lot of love flows. The nursery, a sanctuary of calm and peace, the perfect place to rest a tired little head! Hammonds furniture is best known for its expansive transformations but where there's a small space we will find the perfect fitted furniture, even for a box room or nursery. Trust Hammonds to make the most of your space available, floor to ceiling.

Fitted furniture not only makes best use of space available but gives the bedroom a focal point, one that elevates the space to new, fashionable heights.

If you want a bedroom that oozes style and individuality, Harpsden fits the bill perfectly.

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